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Best Pop Artist
Lil Chris View nominee info
Although he found fame at the tender age of 15 with Gene Simmons' Rock School, Chris Hardman already had a strong identity.

Signing with RCA as Lil' Chris, he continued this in his digital presence by helping to design his official site.

As well as featuring a 'little Lil' Chris' terrorising the page, there were competitions designed to link directly with the fans, including one to re- design Chris' Myspace.

Best of all, the debut album's December release was celebrated with an online advent calendar and e- cards for 'Lil' Chris-mas'. See what they did there?
Mika View nominee info
It may have seemed like Mika came from nowhere to top the charts for five weeks with his smash hit single Grace Kelly, but the fact that it got there through digital sales alone tells a diferent story.

Mika helped create the original artwork for his colourful site alongside Da Wack, creating characters to match his lyrics and personality, some of whom even had their own Myspace pages

This directly engaged fans who could become even more involved through Mika's Secret Society which offered exclusive news and downloads, creating an awareness that resulted in several hits.
Natasha Bedingfield View nominee info
Natasha Bedingfield experienced great success with her 2004 debut album Unwritten, but she aimed to add to her fanbase using her digital presence.

Her official site aimed to bring the fans closer to both Natasha and each other, featuring an extended online community with personal profiles and the chance to upload video content.

Natasha continued the personal touch with her own mobile blog and by using Bebo to launch her new video, but the opportunity to send friends a message from a talking baby to promote Natasha's single, I Wanna Have Your Babies, had to be the most fun!
Simon Webbe View nominee info
Graduating from a boyband isn't easy, so to make sure that the move from Blue to solo artist was a smooth one, Simon Webbe got up close and personal with his fans.

The site used a green screen video toy of Simon to introduce users to the site, with Simon walking on screen and sitting down with the fans as they browse.

Fans could also play with a virtual Sony PSP, designed to draw in male fans as well as Simon's existing female fanbase, and everyone was invited to 'pimp' their own logo to make sure they felt involved.
The Hoosiers View nominee info
The Hoosiers claim to specialise in 'Odd Pop' and with such a unique personality, they thought it would be a great idea to make their digital presence reflect them directly.

The official site featured content provided by the band themselves from videos to self- penned news items, and the forum area was even specialy built by networking site Faceparty. The band have apeared across several digital platforms including Myspace and Yahoo, even making an appearance as subs for Leeds United in the new FIFA video game from EA Sports!
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Beck Rock/Indie Artist
Bloc Party View nominee info
With the release of their second album, A Weekend in The City, Bloc Party looked to build their digital community by maintaining their independent spirit across all digital outlets.

The band kept the London- centric theme of the album alive in their artwork, which was synchronised across all third party sites such as Myspace.

Fans were offered membership of the Marshals club, a 'micro social network' where they could not only create their own profiles and contact each other, but also access exclusive downloads, watch full live gigs and buy exclusive tickets, encouraging contact with the band and other fans.
Klaxons View nominee info
'Nu Ravers' Klaxons already had a close bond to their fans with the hand- made artwork featured on their physical album sleeve and on the t shirts availabale at gigs, and they extended this onlne with similar artwork and handwritten fonts designed by the band.

Fans could get closer to the band through the 'Jazzanauts' members' area or by using the 'digital artwork tools'.

This alowed users to create their own designs which could be submitted to the Klaxons moblog or printed off as tee shirt transfers for a truly personalised experience.
Manic Street Preachers View nominee info
Since their first album in 1992, The Manics have been one of the biggest rock bands in the UK.

With the launch of their latest album, Send Away The Tigers, the band wanted to re-engage their old fanbase but also bring in new listeners.

Using their official website to do this, they kept older fans happy with plenty of content directly from the band, and engaged new fans by providing a 'one stop shop' for all things Manics.

Fans could become members and download an exlusive track plus artwork to make a single- completely exclusive and unavailable anywhere else.
Muse View nominee info
Muse wanted to continue their lyrical themes online, and the look of their website reflects this.

For that mysterious Muse feel, rumours were encouraged on the fan messageboard and fans could also upload content or save a playlist to the media player.

To link the physical and online fanbases, the Starlight single contained a 'countdown' screensaver which eventually led to a microsite where fans could submit questions for the band who were filmed answering them on the main site.

Also, to prove they're not always dark and mysterious, the band gave away a Christmas present of a live video link!
Razorlight View nominee info
Since emerging from east London's indie scene with the album Up All Night in 2004, Razorlight had become one of the biggest British acts worldwide.

To reflect this, the band decided to make their site more mainstream with a band blog and behind the scenes video content.

They also went for broad digital coverage, working with everyone from to AOL and MSN to bring fans exclusive album listening parties and live gigs.

Elsewhere, the Myspace site remained as a direct point of contact, proving that the original fans remained important.
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Best Urban Artist
Beverley Knight View nominee info
She's been recording for over a decade and is feted as one of the best soul voices in Britain, but Beverley Knight wasn't a household name until recently.

Following her appearance on TV series Just The Two Of Us, Beverley used her digital presence to further her popularity.

To bring her closer to fans she recorded personal messages, and the site was linked to everyday brands like Cosmopolitan to emphasise she is 'one of the girls'.

100 online fans even got the chance to attend an intimate gig and find out for themselves how down to earth the singer is!
Lemar View nominee info
The most successful graduate of the BBC's Fame Academy, Lemar felt it was important to keep the mainstream entertainment appeal that had introduced him to the world.

This meant having a site with plenty going on that connected the artist with his fans, an aim achieved through the fully automated mobile blog where Lemar could keep users up to date on tour.

Fans could even make sure they didn't miss a blog by putting the embeddable viral media player on their own pages, and the site was also open to comment on things like news stories, making users feel both involved and entertained.
Lethal Bizzle View nominee info
Lethal Bizzle wanted to satisfy his mixed fanbase of traditional urban music fans and indie kids.

To interest both sets of fans, the website had to be exciting so Bizzle's design aimed to move away from the dark look of many urban and indie sites.

Bizzle's moblog was included on the page to bring him closer to his fans, and there was also a link to the Youtube channel where users could watch Bizzle's own version of Cribs- a cult section which has drawn over 40 000 viewers, brifging the gap between grime and indie.
Stanton Warriors View nominee info
The Stanton Warriors were crowned the world's best breaks DJs this year by DJ mag and to give their new worldwide fanbase what they wanted, they aimed for quick access to tour dates and other fans.

They felt the best way to do this was by using their Myspace page as a hub, drawing fans into their other content, including a forum with mixtape download section and their mobile blog.

This was designed to make users feel like they were discovering content for themselves, fitting in with the underground nature of one of the rising stars in the DJ world.
Wiley View nominee info
Myspace was also an important tool for Wiley, who had a significant fanbase already.

Alongside a strong presence here, fans could also bring Wiley onto their own pages with an embeddable media player.

Wiley wanted a campaign that fans could get involved with, and decided to drive the campaign through fans themselves who would use file sharing techniques to spread the word.

An album mini- mix was released in the mobile campiagn and fans were encouraged to bluetooth it to each other, while stickers with text codes for free ringtones were placed in key areas.
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Best Electronic Artist or DJ
Calvin Harris View nominee info
Calvin harris first hit the headlines when he was asked to work with Kylie Minogue, but the Scottish dance producer was still unknown.

Calvin's digital presence made him recognisable, giving him a distinctive image also used in TV and album artwork.

Kylie found Calvin through his Myspace page, so it seemed logical to keep the direct connection and the official website focused on podcasts and blogs presented on calvinharristv which were also used on Myspace and MTV.

Another outlet was Bebo, who featured a mini- mix of the album on their homepage, leading to good sales of Calvin's debut album.
Cinematic Orchestra View nominee info
The electronic jazz six piece released their debut in 1999, and to reward their dedicated fans, they wanted to provide a digital presence full of information.

They used technology to have the site automatically search the web (even Flickr) for new information and news on the band, constantly updating the site to keep established fans updated and to provide new users with all the information needed.

To get fans involved, the 'Images' section of the site was entirely user generated, and to tie in with their latest release, the visual theme of an imaginary, unmade film was continued online.
Hadouken! View nominee info
Critics had a hard time pigeonholing Hadouken!, eventually deciding on the 'Grindie' tag. Their fans didn't seem to care though, showing a strong desire to see the band's live performances and buy their personalised merchandise.

The official website aimed to provide more of this, and used regular video diaries plus free live tracks for fans who signed up to the email list.

100 per cent of gig tickets sold through the official site, and personalised material was also popular with hand signed records selling out, proving that the site was giving the fans what they wanted.
Just Jack View nominee info
London DJ Just Jack had first released an album in 2002, but despite critical acclaim, he had had litle success. For his first major release on Mercury, the label teamed up with Orange to target young mobile users.

Jack had his own landing page on, and here, fans could access video diaries, live tracks and competitions in advance of the release of Jack's single, Starz in Their Eyes.

This was the first time that a label had worked with a mobile phone provider in this way, effectively promoting Just Jack to the right audience.
The Chemical Brothers View nominee info
Ed Simons and Tom Reynolds have been known as The Chemical Brothers since the early 90s, so they wanted to keep things fast and simple for their legions of fans.

This led to just five pages on their website, but in- page functionality crammed in a lot!

An interesting idea was 'tagcasting', where unique tags were published for each gig the band played, and fans could tag their own content on Youtube or Flickr.

The content would then apear on the live tour map, and also in the 'Chronicles' section of the site with 15 years of other material.
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Best Podcast
4Radio's Slash Music (audio)
Drowned in Sound (audio)
Hospital Records' London Elektricity (audio)
The Guardian Music Weekly (audio)
Tony Robinson's Friendly Guide to Music (audio)
Bloc Party Videocasts (video)
Hard-Fi 'Rockin' In The City (video)
Mark Ronson Official Podcast (video)
MTV presents The Gonzo Podcast (video)
Patrick Wolf Videocasts (video)
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Best Radio Station
BBC 6 Music
FUN Radio
Planet Rock
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Best Music Store
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Best Music Magazine
Drowned In Sound
Resident Advisor
This is Fake DIY
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Best Music Community
Bebo Bands community
Bloc Party's Marshals
Live Nation's Download Festival
Road To V
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