About Headgate Studios

Since it's creation in 1992, Headgate Studios has become a major force in the golf sim industry with titles such as Front Page Sports™ Golf, PGA Championship Golf™ '99 and PGA Championship Golf™ 2000 which have been showered with accolades from the PC gaming community.

In 2000, Headgate Studios Teamed up with EA SPORTS™, a recognized leader in the sports sim industry, to further develop the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR™ franchise. We have since developed Tiger Woods PGA TOUR™ 2001 - 2006 and are currently in the design phase of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR™ 2007.

Being the first to introduce technologies such as real-time mouse swing, polygonal golfers, and accurate ball physics, Headgate Studios is committed to pushing the envelope and bringing all of the fun and realism of the greatest game on earth to the PC. We continually strive to implement the latest technology and functionality to golf on the PC.











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