Bank of Scotland 'family tree'

One of the principal companies of HBOS plc, Bank of Scotland was founded in 1695 by an Act of the Scots Parliament - making its Scotland's first and oldest bank.

Over the course of its 300 year history, the Bank acquired many constituent companies, as illustrated by the 'family tree' below.

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Bank of Scotland 1695 Paisley Banking Company 1763 Caledonian Bank 1838 Central Bank of Scotland 1834 Union Bank of Scotland Ltd 1882 Perth Banking Company 1767 Perth United Banking Company 1766 Six Banking Houses in Perth 1763 - 1764 Union Bank of Scotland 1843 Thistle Bank Company 1761 Hunters and Company 1821 Glasgow Untion Banking Company 1830 British Linen Bank 1906 British Linen Company Bank 1774 British Linen Company 1746 Sir William Forbes, James Hunter and Company 1773 Kilmarnock Bank 1802 Glasgow and Ship Bank 1836 Hunters and Company Ayr 1773 Glasgow Bank Company 1809 Ship Bank 1749 Paisley Union Bank 1788 Banking Company in Aberdeen 1767 Bank of Scotland 1695



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