The Vanguard Demos (1966)

Vanguard Studios (New York, NY, USA)

Everybody's Child (1)
[Song about Rivers]
Store Room (1)
Tonight Will Be Fine (2)


(1) Performed live later in the 1976 european tour.

(2) Recorded later for Songs From A Room (1968). The song was written in the early 50's!.

note: These demos were maybe pressed on acetate The Leonard Cohen Acetate (?)

"Storeroom" & "Tonight Will Be Fine" later copyrights registered on July 24, 1967 (then they were maybe re-recorded to be included on Songs of (?).

[Jim Devlin, In Every Style of Passion, 1996].


The Chelsea Hotel Demos (1966)

Leonard's room at Chelsea Hotel (New York, NY, USA)

The Master Song
The Stranger Song
[unknown title, Song about Rivers]
Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye


note: These songs have been performed to John Hammond in Leonard's room at Chelsea Hotel. All of them have been recorded later for Songs Of Leonard Cohen in 1967 except for the mysterious song about rivers.

source: [Jim Devlin, In Every Style of Passion, 1996] + ["The John Hammond Years" interview, CBC-TV 20/09/86].


Other Demos (1966-1967)

(New York, NY, USA)?

Blessed Is The Memory
Middle of The Night
Nine Years Old

Avalanche (?)
A Winter Lady
Dress Rehearsal Rag
Love Calls You By Your Name
Sisters of Mercy


(1) early title/version of "Story of Isaac".

note: maybe recorded (with the other early songs printed on The Leonard Cohen Acetate) as a demo tape for copyright (for Polygram?). Other possibility is that some of these songs were recorded to be eventually included on Cohen's first album (in that case they will be Songs of outtakes). All songs copyright registered July 24 1967 except "A Winter Lady" (April 11 1967) and "Dress Rehearsal Rag" (April 3 + July 19 1967).

source: U.S Copyright Office [
Thanks to Kjell Ove Hattrem who located the information].


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