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Rusty sword Rusty sword [ Submit Correction ]
Members? Yes Quest? No Tradeable? No Stackable? No
Examine: A decent enough weapon gone rusty. Weight: 0.00 kg
Category Other Sub-category Other
High Alchemy 0 gp Specialty shop sells for 0 gp
General sells 0 gp General buys/low alch 0 gp
Location Digging in dig site level 3 and 1. Can also be obtained from things such as searchable creates and sacks. You can also steal them from H.A.M. members/guards. Can also be obtained from the Trawler minigame. Can be looted from Zogre Coffins
Uses Can be fixed to make a long or short sword.
Notes You can fix it on a workbench in your player-owned-home and it will turn into a sword. You can use it on a whetstone and be able to keep what kind of sword (Bronze-Rune) it is, however, Tindel in Port Khazard will sharpen it for 100 GP, but if it's Adamant or higher he will immediately buy it from you. By using the whetstone you obtain various amounts of Smithing experience.
Links Digsite Quest
Credits misplacedme, hokap, wizarthas460, arthas460, Headnazgul, vorta151, manoman




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