Season Two of Neverending Nights is here!

UPDATE: As of Feb 26, 2007 - All future sponsorships will be for the Season Two DVD!

We are currently sold out of the Season One DVD and will not be offering it (at this time).
Since we don't have any MIRROR sites out there really - we also want to keep the COMPLETE run of SEASON ONE available for download in case we entice any new viewers/users to Neverending Nights! Folks who might be interested in looking at the older episodes! (As painful as some of those might be!)

As a result, that means we're going to have to increase our webspace size, considerably! We're already at 64% used (and growing!) We plan on doing some clean up (removing old images and what not) - but that's not going to clear off too much room! So more webspace it is! And with more webspace, and keeping all the old episodes up - we're looking at an increase of BANDWIDTH!

More than once, NeN has busted through our bandwidth limit (usually from being mentioned/featured/interviewed on Bioware Weds, or appearing in PC GAMER UK that one time!) And with us offering new episodes, and leaving the old ones available for download - we're looking at probably shattering that bandwidth limit frequently at its current setting!

Now while we don't mind paying for upgrades on the video equipment, recording equipment, and registering for a number of programs (check out FRAPS and GoldWave as two very kick arse programs!) - a little easing of the finacial pocket would be nice!

So we have created a little SPONSOR LINK, where in doing so - you're helping us pay for the site, bandwidth, registration programs, etc!

So what do YOU get out of it - other than some kick booty episodes of NeN? Well, we figured just dishing out new episodes of NeN wasn't enough. Because, come on, we're going to do that anyway! So we threw around the idea of making a NeN DVD. And after some splicing, dicing, editing, and pressing - we managed to finish off the DVD.

So as a token of thanks, we're going to offer a NeN DVD for free, if you help us with sponsorship! PLEASE NOTE: The sponsoring is NOT for the DVD! The DVD is just our way of saying thanks for believing in us and helping sponsor us! After all, the episodes are free - why would we charge for a DVD?

Some cool little things if you do sponsor and get the free DVD:

- The DVD makes it easier to watch (on the television, relaxed on a couch rather than a computer chair!)
- The DVD allows you to show it off to more people - and thus make NeN more known!
- The DVD format allowed us to do an entire AUDIO COMMENTARY on the DVD for the ENTIRE Season One! That would have been a monster download on fans - and our poor bandwidth!
- While the DVD says there's no copying it - please. There's no copy protection on there. This is a FREE DVD (with sponsorship) - so if you friend wants a copy! Burn the DVD for him! (Just tell him to come register on our forum and post!)

So if you want to help two, very poor souls, and their quest to deliver some NWN Flavored Machinima to the world - feel free to "Sponsor" us!
As a result, if you register on the forum - if you sponsor, you get a snazzy little image that says "SPONSOR" for a title! You also get access to a special "Sponsors Only" section of the forum! In there, we will release episodes there first - and wait a week (or until most of our sponsors have replied to the release of the episode!) - before releasing it to the general public! So there's a snazzy benefit as well!

VERY IMPORTANT: Once you SPONSOR through paypal, credit card or checks - please make sure you email us and let us know - and PLEASE provide us with your USER NAME on our forum to ensure you get the SPONSOR status promptly and properly! This is VERY important!

We take all major credit cards and PayPal. To use a credit card please click the link next to "If you do not currently have a PayPal account".

In no way are we attempting to challenge the copyrights, trademarks, etc of Bioware, Wizards of the Coast, or any division of said companies. We will immediately cease the sponsorship/free DVD if we are contacted and informed that this is some kind of violation!