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New ‘Superhero’: The Defuser

defusercrop.jpgLast night’s season finale of Sci Fi’s “Who Wants to Be a Superhero?” crowned Austin police detective Jarrett Crippin as America’s newest do-gooder: The Defuser.

Comics legend/host Stan Lee picked the 38-year-old Texan’s alter ego over runners-up Hyper-Strike and Hygena. The Defuser now gets his very own comic, written by Lee and published by Dark Horse Comics, plus a Shocker Toys action figure. He’ll also appear in a Sci Fi original movie.

Says Sci Fi, “Inspired by Batman and Captain America, Crippen created his character when he was a young boy. The Defuser is a loner and expert at gadgetry and invention. He performs at 110 percent, possessing enhanced speed, strength agility, reflexes, hearing and eyesight.”

Watch the season climax online here.


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