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Is it important to you that the 38 acre Woodstock site be left free where people from all over the world can continue to come together, to meet and share with one another? We have submitted to arrest for trespassing on the Woodstock festival site in Bethel to defend your right of easement as a member of the public to visit there day or night.  Will you join us in defense of that right? Will you defend the Bill of Rights of  the Constitution of the United States as the Supreme Law of the Land?

More than 2 million people from over 30 countries
have visited this web site in the last 3 years.

Because Woodstock  evokes an attractive and challenging  dream of a large free assembly of people, mostly strangers, gathering together in the spirit of caring and sharing , called love.
That dream is strong enough that every year for 30 years, thousands of people have  returned toBethel in Sullivan County, New York to visit the site of the  historic 1969 Woodstock Festival.
What is so valuable that people would keep returning?
Its the people you meet there. for 30 years people have been coming to Bethel to discover new friends and renew inspiration.
The historic Woodstock  siteis 38 acres located at the corner of Hurd Road and West Shore Drive in Bethel, New York, 60 miles west of the Catskill Hamlet of Woodstock from which the festival gets its name.

Two miles west of the festival site on 17B  is Max Yasgur's Barn and Homestead where, for several years, thousands of the annual pilgrims have assembled when turned away from the original site by state police because of a false claim of ownership by a local business man who has never produced any evidence of ownership.
Is the 38 acre Woodstock site exclusive private property?
By the laws of the State of New York and The United States of America it is not exclusive private property because for 30 years it was open, unfenced and used openly, obviously and exclusively by the public as a place of assembly and recreation. New York State Law is that such use for ten continuos years without interruption from a deeded owner establishes an easement by prescription or right of way.

In  July 0f 1997 six people submitted to arrest, prosecution and fines for trespass in order to force the alleged owner to present any evidence of ownership, which he could not and did not do. But the Bethel town magistrate ruled against the defendants anyway. There is now a fence around the site and during the reunion dates of August 15,16, and 17 visitors are discouraged by the State Police from peacefully assembling at the site. We continue to question their authority to threaten, remove or arrest

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