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Black longsword Black longsword [ Submit Correction ]
Members? No Quest? No Tradeable? Yes Stackable? No
Examine: A razor sharp longsword. Weight: 0.00 kg
Category Weapon Sub-category Metal
High Alchemy 576 gp Specialty shop sells for 960 gp
General sells 1219 gp General buys/low alch 384 gp
Location Can be bought from sword shop near south gate in Varrock Can not be smithed.
ShopsQuality Weapons Shop, Varrock Swordshop, Warrior Guild Armoury
Uses A Stab and Slash Weapon
Notes It is used to Stab and Slash opponents and has enough strength to inflict significant damage.It has a good compromise between speed and strength, and also has a 'controlled' fighting option to spread experience gained amongst all fighting levels.
Links Combat Guide
Credits misplacedme, Sunli , bambino
Attack Defence
Stab 13 Stab 0
Slash 18 Slash 3
Crush -2 Crush 2
Magic 0 Magic 0
Range 0 Range 0
Strength 16 Prayer 0




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