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The Kaplan's Woods Parkway is a 225 acre park which was dedicated September 12, 1987. The City of Owatonna acquired 154 acres of this area during 1963 when the Minnesota Legislature transferred to the City, Kaplan's Woods State Park. Of the remaining 71 acres which makes up the park, 65 acres were donated by the Owatonna Foundation.

The Owatonna Foundation also contributed $300,000 toward the development of this park, a gift from the late Reuben A. Kaplan, founder of Owatonna Tool Company. The City was awarded $203,500 from the United States Department of Interior Land and Water Conservation Fund, $98,000 from the State of Minnesota legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources, and over $30,000 from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources specifically for an aerifier and fishing piers.

In 1998, the Owatonna Foundation contributed $115,000 to widen the original trail and include security lighting.

The Kaplan's Woods Parkway contains over 6 miles of hiking and cross country skiing trails, and nearly two miles of hard-surfaced, handicapped-accessible trail. The parkway includes Lake Kohlmier, a 35 acre lake. Maps of the parkway are available at the Park and Recreation office.

Amenities: Access Points: Mosher Avenue or Morehouse Park

Park Rules

Closing Hours: All city parks in the City of Owatonna shall be closed from 11:00 o'clock PM until 6:00 o'clock AM on the following day.

Liquor in Parks and Beaches: No person or persons shall display, consume, or possess any intoxicating liquor, non-intoxicating malt beverage or intoxicating malt beverage within parking areas, roadways, sidewalks abutting or the grounds in general of Central Park, Cashman Park, or Kaplan's Woods Parkway in the City of Owatonna.

Permit Required for Large container of Alcoholic Beverages: Except in parks listed in previous statement, alcoholic beverages may be carried into any park for consumption, providing that for such purpose no container of greater than two (2) quart capacity shall be allowed without permit from the office of the Director of Parks and Recreation.

Prohibited Acts: It shall be unlawful for a person to possess, bring, carry, scatter, dump, deposit, leave or have under their actual physical control a glass beverage container in or within a City park, except for receptacles containing milk or baby formula used and possessed for the nursing of infants and receptacles containing prescription medications used and possessed by a person for whom such prescription is prescribed or possessed by a person caring for such person for whom the prescription medicine is prescribed.

Fires: No fire shall be set in any park except a fire for picnic purposes at grill sites designated by the Park and Recreation Department.

Removal of Natural or Vegetative Material: No person shall remove from any park any plant or other natural object which exists in nature.

Snowmobiles and horses: are not allowed in any parks.

Pets: All pets must be on a leash, in control by a person. Any feces left by a pet must be removed by the person in control of the pet.

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