AMC: Hope for BAM Fans!
Soap Opera Digest (July 8, 2003)

Much to the disappointment of viewers who were rooting for All My Children's Bianca and Maggie to be paired romantically, the gals have shared only a handful of scenes since Maggie declared herself straight to Bianca earlier this year. But have faith, BAM devotees: Head Writer Megan McTavish says that is about to change.

"I know there's an entire group of the audience that's going to stand up and cheer," laughs McTavish. "I would certainly look for Maggie and Bianca to grow closer and their friendship to be rekindled over some major events." Exults Randi Schultz, a rep for the coalition of Maggie/Bianca fans called BAM, "That's incredible news! The rekindling of their friendship is one of the things BAM fans are campaigning for. At this point, we're being pretty realistic about not getting BAM together anytime soon [as a couple], so we're hoping AMC will get back to showing that wonderful friendship between them. [McTavish's statement] is really encouraging."

And BAMmers aren't the only ones looking forward to seeing Maggie back in the thick of Bianca's life. "That's a stupid question!" replies Elizabeth Hendrickson (Maggie) when asked if she is pleased with McTavish's plan. "I am so excited to hear that; I'm hearing it for the first time from [Digest] and its wonderful news." Adds Eden Riegel (Bianca), "I love the storyline between Bianca and Lena, but I also love the relationship between Bianca and Maggie, and I definitely want to have more scenes with Liz. I miss her!"