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  • 2006 Soaps Yearbook

    By Nelson Branco

    The stories, the stars, and the big blunders that shaped one fantastic year!


    Best love story: Steve and Kayla, Days
    After bringing back the second-biggest super-couple of all time, Steve and Kayla, the series treated the fans with a romantic storyline that will never be forgotten. 

    Worst love story: Ava and Coop, GL
    Guiding Light seems to think that if they write it, they will come. Not only do Ava and Coop have zero chemistry, but they are also two of the most boring characters on TV.

    Best storyline: Taylor kills Darla, B&B
    On paper, Taylor killing Darla while drinking and driving sounded like it would be dead on arrival. But as we watched the dramatic fallout of a lost and desperate woman, who fell in love with her victim’s husband, it became a fascinating and complex morality tale reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock.

    Worst storyline: Brad’s Past, Y&R
    On paper, finally exposing Brad Cartlon’s mysterious past was a brilliant idea. But unfortunately, making Brad a Jew who has been in hiding with his mother, Rebecca, a concentration camp survivor/art expert who hid valuable art work from the Nazis, was beyond campy, it was unforgivable. 

    Best new couple/worst payoff: Tess and Nash, OLTL
    One Life to Live isn’t known for its super-couples, but having Jess’s other personality, Tess, fall in love with bad-boy Nash was explosive and unique. Unfortunately, the reason for Jess’s split was contrived and after Tess/Jess integrated, Nash lost his soul mate.


    Best recast: Laura Wright, GH
    As Cassie on GL, Wright never got the material she needed to showcase her many talents, and while we weren’t sure she could take on the much-coveted role of Carly on GH, Wright proved she was simply the right actress for the job.

    Best new character: Patrick Drake, GH
    Daytime got its own version of Dr. McDreamy when Dr. Drake hit Port Charles and fell in love with HIV+ Dr. Robin Scorpio. Canadian Jason Thompson is a major find, and he will no doubt become a big star.

    Best comeback: Genie Francis, GH
    The only gripe we’ve had with Laura Spencer’s sensational return to Port Charles was that it was only for one month. Bring her back, immediately!

    Worst comeback: Cady McClain, AMC
    All My Children has a habit of messing up superstar returns — and Dixie Martin’s proved a bigger disaster than George Bush’s presidency! We deserved better.

    Most entertaining character: David Vickers, OLTL
    No one is funnier than Tuc Watkins, and we’re over the moon to hear that our favourite rascal is returning to the show early next year!

    Most annoying character: Bridget Forrester, B&B
    Can the soap puh-lease write off the self-righteous Bridget by killing her or sending her off to Africa like it had teased us earlier this year?


    Best love triangle: Nick/Sharon/Phyllis, Y&R
    When former enemies Phyllis and Nick began a sizzling and secret affair behind his wife Sharon’s back — viewers were in daytime heaven!

    Worst love triangle: Reva/Josh/Cassie, GL
    This could have been a riveting love triangle had Reva told Josh about having breast cancer instead of breaking up with him so he could be happy with her backstabbing sister, Cassie. 

    Most beautiful person in soaps: Matthew Beemer, Days
    Soaps are known for beautiful actors, but Days outdid itself with this gorgeous Shawn recast — and he can act too!
    Best trend: Veterans return to daytime!
    We want more of our favourite characters and actors back instead of these untalented newcomers.

    Worst trend: Stunt storylines
    Stop it, now!

    Best performance in a storyline: Lesli Kay, B&B
    Thankfully, B&B didn’t realize its plan to kill off Felicia, thanks to Lesli Kay’s heart-wrenching and nuanced turn as the youngest Forrester.

    Worst performance in a storyline: Lorenzo Lamas, B&B
    When Hector became blind, we wish we had too because Lamas’s portrayal has been simply embarrassing!

    Best guest stars: Patrick Duffy and Betty White, B&B
    No one casts a show like B&B, and hiring prime-time heavyweights Duffy and White to play pivotal roles as Brooke and Stephanie’s parents helped us understand their complex pasts better. 

    Biggest waste of talent: OLTL’s Erika Slezak, Robert S. Woods, Robin Strasser, and Hilary B. Smith
    They all have Emmys. They don’t have storylines. Discuss.

    Most improved actress: Hunter Tylo, B&B
    We admit it: we’ve never been a Tylo fan. However, Tylo not only learned how to act, but she could act with the best of them as she revealed never-before-seen visceral chops.

    Most improved actor: Greg Vaughn, GH
    Replacing two Emmy winners as Lucky was tough, but the former model proved he deserved to be a Spencer after this tour-de-force drug addiction storyline.


    Most ruined character: Phyllis Newman, Y&R
    The very hot coupling of Nick and Phyllis is also to blame for turning the most entertaining character on soaps into an unrecognizable boring housewife!

    Best reason to watch soaps: Susan Flannery (Stephanie), B&B
    Acting at its finest — watch kids, and learn.

    Worst plot twist: Erica’s un-aborted fetus, AMC
    In 1973, AMC penned daytime TV’s first abortion tale as Erica bravely terminated her pregnancy. Fast-forward to 2006: We learned Dr. Madden stole her fetus and transplanted it into his wife!

    Most underrated actor: Katherine Kelly Lang, B&B
    Why the sensational actress fails to earn an Emmy nomination each year, as Brooke is one of daytime’s biggest mysteries, is beyond us. So smarten up, people, or we’re going to go all Susan Flannery on you!

    Most disappointing show: Y&R
    The Young and the Restless was once considered the best soap on daytime. Then CBS fired head writers Jack Smith and Kay Alden in favour of Lynn Marie Latham, who has single-handedly turned a character-driven series into a plot-driven mess.

    Most improved show: GH
    General Hospital
    finally returned to its medical roots, leaving most of the mob-killing behind. And we were spoiled big time as veterans like Finola Hughes (Anna), Tristan Rogers (Scorpio) and Emma Samms (Holly) came back to the soap!

    Best show: B&B
    We’ve spilled enough ink as to why B&B is the one of the best shows on TV right now. If you aren’t watching, there’s simply something wrong with you!

    Worst show: GL
    Memo to the writers: if you write it, the ratings will come. Leave the ambitious production values and “special” episodes to the professionals!

    Published: Thursday, December 21, 2006

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