Performers of the Week - Elizabeth Hendrickson & Eden Riegel
(Soap Opera Digest - February 11, 2003)

So, AMC finally answered the question on the minds of many fans: "Will Maggie and Bianca ever be more than just friends?" The answer (a resounding no) wasn't the one that a sizable contingent wanted to hear. And wouldn't you know it? The very scenes that nipped this potential romance in the bud only served to underscore why so many fans rooted for it in the first place.

Let's face it: It's due almost entirely to Hendrickson and Riegel that viewers hoped Maggie and Bianca would become a couple. The show never invested in their love story - their scarce airtime proved that long before these scenes formally nixed the possibility - but these young actresses cared enough and were psychologically astute enough to realize all that their characters could mean to one another had the story gone in that direction. There was very little in their dialogue to show us that they were falling in love; what viewers responded to was what they felt transpiring whenever Riegel and Hendrickson were on the screen: their exchange of glances, their ease with one another and their joy in one another's company.

And what was it that we felt between these actresses when Bianca, finally ready to risk having her hopes dashed, forced Maggie to define their relationship? We felt two hearts breaking, if for very different reasons. Riegel's Bianca had once again fallen for the unattainable girl; Hendrickson's Maggie had to disappoint the person dearest to her. And we felt, perhaps for the last time, the genuine connection forged between these two lost souls. AMC might have refused to call it love, but thanks to Hendrickson and Riegel, we felt it anyway.