Facts about the TRP

Texas Research Park Timeline

Park Milestones


  • The South Texas Centers for Biology in Medicine, the SBC Teleconference Center, and a cafeteria were dedicated on the UTHSCSA Research Park Campus.


  • The George Siberry Technical Center, a multi-tenant laboratory facility, was completed to support the growth of bioscience companies in South Texas.
  • The University of Texas Health Science Center (UTHSCSA) began fundraising for the Center for Longevity and Aging Studies which will be added to the UTHSCSA Research Park Campus.
  • The Wall of Honor was constructed at the entranceway to the Texas Research Park, recognizing major contributors to Research Park Development.
  • A masterplan was completed for the construction of an interpretive natural greenway for elementary school education.


  • Ensley Sports Field and pavilion complex was completed to serve employees, students and residents of the Texas Research Park.


  • An anticancer drug pilot manufacturing plant was constructed to Food & Drug Administration (FDA) current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) standards in Research Plaza II.
  • A biomaterials manufacturing plant was constructed to FDA, cGMP standards in Research Plaza II.


  • The Pawel Village Residences were expanded to support the growing student population at the UTIBT.


  • Research Plaza II was constructed to support lifescience industry startup companies.


  • The Southwest Oncology Group opened its headquarters in the Park. The group administers the largest anticancer drug clinical trials program in the U.S.
  • Phase I of the Pawel Village student housing complex was completed.
  • Began IDD region operations.


  • The University of Texas Institute of Biotechnology (UTIBT) began operations, focusing on the genetic causes of cancer and other diseases.
  • Construction began on the Cancer Therapy & Research Center Institute for Drug Development (CTRC-IDD), devoted to the accelerated development of anticancer drug therapies.
  • Phase I of the roadway & utility infrastructure was completed, serving approximately 600 acres.

  • Texas Research Parkway, State Highway 211, was completed, connecting the Research Park to Highway 90 and Potranco Road (State Highway 1957).
  • City of San Antonio grants Texas Research Park Foundation $7.3 million for Phase I Roadway and Utility infrastructure.
  • Research Plaza I, an administrative and laboratory building created to support the development of the lifescience industry, was completed.


  • Tom and Nancy Pawel donated land to create the 1,236-acre Texas Research Park.



  • $140 million have been invested in the research park, facilities, and equipment.
  • 12 new biotechnology companies have been started.
  • Two manufacturing plants have been constructed and equipped to FDA - cGMP standards.
  • Many research discoveries have been made and commercial products are entering the market to benefit the health care of mankind.
  • Many high-paying jobs have been created in a clean industry with an average salary approaching $50,000.
  • On of the Department of Homeland Security's top 5 sites for the new National Bio and Agro Defence Facility


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