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picture of the beginning of the hypothesis of the view on the universe and all :

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if you want to have a look at my hypothesis of the existence of the universe , and all ,

see the abc universe , or if you prefer numbers , the 1,2,3 universe , in .jpg attachment



some details about the pictures of the universe and all :

" 0 " , " a " , on the pictures , or whatever you want to call it ,

is a starting point of the hypothesis and axiom.

It is nothingness , and oneness. - it is a NON DIMENSION

There is the possibility it becomes conscious of its own nothingness ,

and as there is this possibility , there becomes the possibility for a infinity of relations , the universe and all.

As it creates a relation with itself , and that this relation also has the possibility of creating another relation to itself and to the non dimension of nothingness , etc etc - see picture for example

So as there is this possibility , at the same moment , as the moment is all there is , there is also a infinity of other possible relations.

The hypothesis is that our current experience is the experience of some of the paths of the possibilities of relations.

So the question , when we consider that all is , is not that things are , but why they are experienced as they are.

And thats where the process dimensions axiom comes in

, and gives a perspective on the building and functioning of the current experience of the universe and all its levels of abstraction we are a experienced relation of.

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