Plant Database

Our community forest lands hold a striking array of habitats within their boundaries. The majority of the terrain is covered in mixed second growth forest with occasional old growth individuals that escaped the blade. Dominant tree and shrub species vary according to altitude, soil depth, soil type, forest age, and micro climate.

There are three different lakes within the ACFL. There are rocky bald meadows and deciduous swales. There are marshes, swamps, and bogs. There is also a significant pocket of lowland old growth, one of the best remaining stands in the Puget Sound trough.

Each of these distinct areas has a unique character, largely influenced by their plant community. We hope that these lists will serve as a resource for deeper understanding of the diversity of plant life and habitat present in the ACFL. A comprehensive plant database is in the works.  In the meantime, please enjoy the lists provided below.

ACFL Plants and Lichens
 Many individuals have contributed to the development of plant and lichen lists for the ACFL. The following on-line plant lists are provided in Word 97 (free Microsoft Word 97/2000 Viewer software is available). Lists will be added or updated as new surveys are completed. Please see the notes on each list for the names of contributors, additional information about the lists and the specific sites that were visited.

Locations Updated
Big Beaver Pond 04/19/01
Heart Lake 04/24/01
Little Beaver Pond 04/19/01
Little Cranberry Lake 02/24/01
Mitten Pond 02/19/01
Sugarloaf Mountain 05/21/01
Whistle Lake 03/24/01