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Why Use Patches?

NicabateCQ is the result of extensive scientific research conducted by GlaxoSmithKline into smoking and quitting. Patches are the easiest form of NRT to use as you simply apply one patch at the start of each day. The patch then goes to work to protect you from cravings by delivering a steady amount of nicotine. NicabateCQ is the only quitting aid to provide both patches and the CQ® Programme which is tailored and personalised to the individual. It is flexible too — you can use NicabateCQ if you are a heavy smoker or if you regularly smoke only 10 or fewer cigarettes per day.

NicabateCQ is available from your pharmacy without prescription, so you can start preparing for quitting right away.

Patches — a proven track record

Nicotine patches have been available for several years and have helped millions of people with their quit. Because they have a good safety profile and are effective in helping smokers to quit, they are now available without prescription in many countries.

Good safety profile

Extensive experience of the use of nicotine patches in nicotine replacement therapy indicates that they have an excellent safety profile. It is estimated that over 400 million NicabateCQ Patches have been distributed to over 20 million people world wide and has a very good safety record. Even when adverse events are reported, it is hard to determine whether many of these are due to the patch or due to withdrawal symptoms.

Adverse events with NicabateCQ Patches are generally mild and do not normally require treatment to be stopped. The most frequently reported problems are rash, itching or burning at the site of patch application. These effects are typically transient and should disappear on removal of the patch.

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Nicotine patches are recognised by the medical community to be effective in helping smokers to quit. NicabateCQ Patches have been clinically proven to double a person’s chances of quitting successfully (vs. cold turkey). This success rate is not limited to short time periods either, since some studies have followed people for seven years and the benefit of quitting with NicabateCQ was maintained.

Some people are concerned that they could transfer their nicotine dependence from smoking to the patches, so it is good to know that the risk of this is very low. The pattern of nicotine supply with patches is different to that from cigarettes: nicotine is absorbed slowly through the skin and into the blood stream. The nicotine patch therefore does not give the rapid, intense peak of nicotine (the “hit”) that is associated with smoking.

NicabateCQ is clinically proven to reduce both cravings and mood-related withdrawal symptoms during quitting. These include symptoms such as irritability, anger, frustration and anxiety.

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NicabateCQ and NicabateCQ Clear patches can be applied simply in the morning and should be worn for 24 hours (alternatively you can remove them prior to going to sleep). Consequently, users do not require regular ‘dosing’ as with nicotine gum, lozenge or inhalators. Once correctly applied, the NicabateCQ Patch does not affect normal activities. For example, people can shower and swim while wearing a correctly-applied NicabateCQ Patch.

A patch will suit a quitter who seeks a discreet, convenient once-a-day nicotine replacement therapy. With NicabateCQ Patches you don’t have to remember to take something during the day, so they can help you get quitting smoking off your mind. You can now choose between the original skin-toned NicabateCQ and the transparent NicabateCQ Clear patches.


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