Easement Program

What is the Conservation Easement Program?

For every $1,000 donated to theCEP , the City will place a perpetual Conservation Easement on one Forest Land acre. The City continues to own and manage the property but that acre can never be logged, mined or used for any commercial purpose. And it can never be sold, leased or transferred out of public ownership.

The easement is held by Skagit Land Trust, which will monitor the protected property annually to ensure that the easement terms are being observed.

Most donations, of course, are less than $1,000. Donations, in whatever amount, are accumulated with others by the City's Parks Department. Whenever the total reaches $1,000 another acre can be permanently protected with a Conservation Easement.

Current Status

As of July, 2007 the Conservation Easement Program has received over $1,500,000 which will permanently protect more than 1500 acres of the ACFL. For current status and more information, click here: http://www.cityofanacortes.org./Parks/ForestLands/index.htm