Biker scout pistol - Blaster laser gun

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Required for assembly: file, filler, , super glue, (screws included), , modeling knives. Paint: car primer, mat black, two component acrilic clear, flat black clear. Study with attention the instruction pages before start to assembly the gun. Test fit each parts before gluing together. You may need to clean the pieces by putting of medium grade sandpaper (400/600 grade). When you are happy with the fit of each parts, you can start to paint them, use a primer so you can easily detect other small imperfection, when you are satisfied of the primered surface.


Star sanding the parts with medium grade sandpaper (400/600). Use a fine grade of sndpaper and dip it in the wather to prevent the saturation.When you are satisfied of the surface, that must to apear smooth.



Dril a 2mm.hole on the left side of the viewfinder as shows on the image.


Insert the left viewfinder side over the right biker scout pistol and drill the hole in the same posiution you just made the precedent hole.




Fix the laser with super glue



Fix the laser nose in place with super glu.