About the Core Cities Group

The Core Cities Group is a network of England's major regional cities: Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield. They form the economic and urban cores of wider surrounding territories, the city regions. The Core Cities work in partnership to enable each City to enhance their economic performance and make real advances within a highly competitive international market, increasing their comparative standing and - in different ways - securing positive identities as places to live, work, visit and do business.

The Core Cities Group is a strong cross-city and cross-party collaboration with a track record of more than 10 years. Leadership across the Cities takes in all three major political parties. It is a self-selected and self funded group.

The work of the Core Cities Group has demonstrated the critical economic role of these Cities . They are major centres of business and wealth creation that in turn power the economy of the surrounding region. They sit at the heart of travel networks, surrounded by towns and rural areas that are economically dependant on each other and across which people travel to and from work; functional economic areas that have developed city region partnerships to work across boundaries.

To deliver our shared agenda of economic growth, the Core Cities need greater local financial control and the ability to plan and set investment priorities in a more coordinated way across administrative boundaries and over longer periods. This will enable both the Core Cities and the city regions to grow their economies.

The Core Cities Group are developing long-term partnerships with Government, national and regional agencies and other key stakeholders to achieve this. We are working in collaboration to ensure that national and regional policy and delivery that affects cities takes full account of ‘on the ground’ realities, providing workable, successful solutions to accelerate economic growth and to translate this into increased social cohesion.

The Leaders and Chief Executives of the eight Councils set the agenda for the Core Cities Group and oversee delivery, with each group meeting quarterly to push the programme forward. Eight strategic work streams , have been created to underpin the Core Cities Groups’ work, bringing together expertise from each of the Cities to work on the issues that effect economic competitiveness. These are managed through the Policy Advisors Group, representing all the Cities. There is a central unit comprising a Director and a Policy Officer. The work streams are as follows.

  1. Transport and connectivity
  2. Innovation and business support
  3. Skills and employment
  4. Sustainable communities
  5. Culture and creative industries
  6. Climate change
  7. Finance and industry
  8. Governance

If you would like further information on the work of the Core Cities please contact:

Chris Murray
Director, Core Cities
c/o The Housing Corporation
4th Floor, One Piccadilly Gardens
Manchester , M1 1RG


Tel office: 0161 242 5909

Richard Muscat
Core Cities Policy Officer
c/o The Housing Corporation
4th Floor
One Piccadilly Gardens
M1 1RG

Direct line: 0161 242 5951