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PlayStation: PS2 Reviews


Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future

Our mammal mate makes waves on PS2

Ecco is like the anti-videogame game. Gentle, peaceful with very little violence. It's all about self-preservation and reuniting the world in peace, and using your brains, not brawn.
But most of all it's about love. Love for your PS2, love for Sega finally releasing games on it (Appaloosa is Sega owned), and love for the genius development team and its stunning creation. Nearly two years after its Dreamcast release, Ecco remains original and genuinely awe-inspiring. It's also flawed. Whoops.

Controlling a dolphin in a game brings with it its own quirks and a brand new set of gaming skills to master. Learning how to navigate is the biggest initial hurdle, and the complete freedom and speed of control is daunting at first. Luckily there's a brand new map feature on PS2 to help you, as well as a 3D on-screen compass.

The underwater setting means that the structure of puzzles is skewed and strange. Everything is witnessed from a dolphin's perspective and the in-game logic veers between bizarre and downright unfathomable. Extra clues and hints are included in this version to help players out, but it's still not quite enough to stop the frustration bubbling up in later levels.
Ecco is dreamy and looks and sounds gorgeous. You absolutely need to play it, but the sad truth is that you probably won't be able to finish it.



Still obscure and difficult in places but there's nothing else like it on Earth.



Coming Soon!
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Dolphins in Space

It's the future and Dolphins and mankind have started to explore the galaxy together in harmony. Meanwhile, a mysterious alien force known as The Foe fancies turning Earth into its new stomping ground and the few caretaker dolphins that remain are under threat. By messing around with the past, The Foe is trying to interrupt the peaceful relationship forged between dolphins and humans and it's Ecco's mission to travel between The Foe's alternate realities, putting right what's been made wrong.
Evil alien force The Foe's craft explode magnificently as they try to enter Earth's atmosphere from Space
The vortex creates the alternate realities. Yikes
Ecco flies through time as the offbeat story unfolds