Have you noticed how many of the housemates have birthdays during the summer? Well, they're not the only ones.

Wednesday, Day 50, is Big Brother's birthday. And what good is a birthday without a party to celebrate it?

So BB is holding an extra special birthday party... with a twist.

Five housemates will be invited to party hard as guests, while the remaining six will be asked to provide the entertainment.

The entertainers will include a one-man-band, clowns and even a magician, and it's up to the housemates to decide who will be a guest and who will be the talent.

Here's the catch: once Big Brother gets the party started, it only stops when Big Brother says it stops. This is not so much a party as an endurance test.

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If housemates can keep it up for the full duration they will win a luxury shopping budget. If they crash and burn it's basic rations only.

Surely self-professed raver and 'hardcore cheesy quaver' Tracey can show the others how to fight for their right to party?

But will they all be able to keep up with her?