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Golden Sun General Info
Golden Sun General Info

Nov 13, 2001

You’d never guess that this brilliant, 2D adventure was designed for a handheld system the sheer ambition and involvement of the storyline trumps anything that’s ever been attempted...
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Game Boy Advance

Turn-Based, RPG, Action

"Golden Sun" is rated Everyone, for Mild Animated Violence

Nintendo of America, Inc.

Camelot Software

My Friends' Reviews of Golden Sun
My Friends' Reviews of Golden Sun

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Average Rating: 9.1/10
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73/100  "For RPG fans, there is very little here that has not been seen before."
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-- Kristopher Abel, GAME NATION TV

9/10  "Golden Sun is just one of the best games that I ever-played on 2D console."
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-- Antmaster, GBA CENTRAL

41/50  "Overall, I really liked this game. I'm not usually too into RPGs, but I have to say that may change."
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-- Nicholas Alexander Bell, GAMERS PULSE

4.5/5  "Golden Sun is the best palm-sized adventure you’re going to get for a while, and deservedly so."
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-- Corey Brotherson, GAMES DOMAIN

91/100  "A return to the Golden Age of role-playing."
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-- Jason D'Aprile, GAMESPY

9/10  "Outstanding, incredible, stupendous."
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-- Jason Frothingham, GAMENIKKI

9.3/10  "Even if you think you don't like RPGs (like I used to up until this past summer), give Golden Sun a couple of hours and see if it still can't impress you."
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-- Steve Lubitz, NETJAK

9.5/10  "The great combination of splendid visuals and emotive melodies put this game ahead of the pack."
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-- Chase Nguyen, ALL RPG

A  "Nintendo's Game Boy Advance RPG is truly Gold."
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-- James Stevenson, CINESCAPE

9/10  "A fun adventure that seems much bigger than the system it’s played on."
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7/10  "Golden Sun is a good RPG, but far from brilliant."
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-- Aaron Steinfeld, NINTENDOJO

5/5  "The open-ended storyline is captivating, its graphics are without peer, and even the sound is impeccable."
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-- Neil Aschliman, EAGB ADVANCE

9/10  "For me this is the kind of game that would make me buy a Gameboy Advance."
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-- Andreas Misund Berntsen, GAMERS HELL

9.0/10.0  "I’ll never underestimate my pocket systems again."
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-- Christopher Coey, VIDEO GAMERS FIRST

8.5/10  "Overall this is a fantastic RPG that will keep you glued, your hands cramped and make your eye sight poor."
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-- Todd Douglass, GAME2EXTREME

9/10  "Excellent gameplay, excellent graphics, and excellent sound make this game a killer."
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9.5/10.0  "Well done Camelot, you have my highest regards."
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-- Jonathan Metts, PLANET GAMECUBE

8.9/10  "For the first time, I enjoy the Sun being in my eyes."
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-- Chris Reiter, GAMING TARGET

92/100  "Golden Sun is a true masterpiece, and technical proof of the capabilities of the Gameboy Advance."
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-- Damian Thomas, RPGFAN

5/5  "A huge, fantastic, creative, and wickedly fun RPG that doesn’t seem to care that it’s 'just' on a Game Boy Advance."
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7.0/10.0  Click to read the article.
-- Jonathan Metts, PLANET GAMECUBE

--  Click to read the article.

8.5/10.0  "Golden Sun might not have all the bells and whistles of today’s console RPGs, but it is certainly a fun title—and at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters."
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-- Mike Bracken, GAMECRITICS.COM

5/5  "It's the best original (nonport) GBA RPG to date, sporting stellar graphics, above-average sound, and a worthwhile experience (at least 20 hours of gameplay) that should make that next family roadtrip that much more tolerable."
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-- Miguel Concepcion, TECHTV

5/5  "The battles though have the best graphics on the game and perhaps the best seen yet on a handheld machine."
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-- Fenix Down, RPG WAREHOUSE

10/10  "Never judge a book by its cover, this game can hold a flame to even the biggest RPG's for any of the console."
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94/100  "Like a good book that you won't want to put down. Golden Sun is portable role-playing at its purest. Totally absorbing."
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-- Rick Moulton, GAMESRADAR.COM

A+  "To be frank, having a GBA without Golden Sun is like having a cow that doesn't produce milk."
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-- Keith Schaefer, CVGAMES

8.6/10  "Golden Sun is a throwback to some of the SNES' best."
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-- Ricardo Torres, GAMESPOT

10/10  "With a gripping story, slick battle sequence, superior graphics, and a set of good tunes to boot, Golden Sun is a total package."
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--  Click to read the article.
-- Steve Johnson, REWIREDMIND.COM

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