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Corps of Colonial Marines,
Royal Marines
United Kingdom  
Note:This is a battalion history of the Regular Army. See the main regimental page for full lineage and other information.
Colour Key
War service
Overseas service
Home service
  1814.05.18 Corps of Colonial Marines
formed in Maryland from escaped
black slaves
  1814.05 American war: Atlantic coast
  1814.09.04 3rd Marine Battalion, Royal and Colonial Marines
formed at Tangier Island, Virginia, by amalgamation with three coys (Nos. 1, 5, 6) of old
2nd Battalion
  1814.09 American war: Atlantic coast
  1814.12 at sea
  1815.01 Georgia: Cumberland Island
  1815 three additional black coys raised in Georgia and Florida from escaped slaves
  1815.03.15 at sea
  1815.04 Bermuda garrison duty
  1815.04.04 3rd Battalion, Colonial Marines
white coys separated and repatriated to England (and disbanded Aug. 1815); new white staff coy arrived from Canada to join six black coys
  1816.07.15 at sea
  1816.08.14 Trinidad
  1816.08.20 disbanded at Mission of Savanna Grande (Princes Town), Trinidad, personnel settling Company Villages