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Jul 29, 2007 - Downtime - Sorry for the downtime folks, we apologize for any inconvenience. A server move was necessary. We have sacrificed several virgins to the Gods of Servers and Networking in conclusion of the move ceremony, and now all is well!

Jul 27, 2007 - Sys Admin Day - A special thanks on System Administrator Appreciation Day to Gushi for hosting I-CON's site, and to the various members of our Net Team that run I-CON's site, email, and server!

Jun 30, 2007 - Media update - The Media track reflects on I-CON 26, and is hard at work to bring you more excellent Media guests for 27!

Jun 26, 2007 - Site Content Update - I-CON 26 content has been moved to the archive and can be found at its new home there. Please be patient as we update, giving you all new information and content for I-CON 27.

May 28, 2007 - Authors Announcements, I-CON 27 - The Author's Track announces some confirmed guests and the return of the I-CON Writers Workshop for I-CON 27. Read about it on the Author's page

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Apr 3, 2007 - SPEWGILIST I-CON Survey -

The kind folks over at http://www.spewgilist.com have posted a very nice survey for exhibitors, guests, and volunteers from I-CON 26. You can access it from the following links:

For Exhibitors
Username: icon26x
Password: icon26x

For Guests
Username: ICON26G
Password: icon2007

For Volunteers
Username: ICON26V
Password: iconvol

Mar 22, 2007 - 2007 Nebulas - The 2007 Nebula Awards will be held May 11-13. 2007 in New York City!

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