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Kriegsmarine helmets

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M35 Double decal Kriegsmarine helmet; ET64 shell with 1939 dated liner,1939 dated split-pins,1939 dated acceptance stamp and 1938 dated chinstrap


The chinstrap on this helmet bears an "Eagle M" Kriegsmarine acceptance stamp




M35 Single decal Kriegsmarine, ET64 shell with 1940 dated liner band, 1940 dated split-pins, 1940 dated chinstrap and a wartime undated domestamp.


One of the first helmets produced according to 1940 specs, this M35 shell was left over stock and was finished off in wartime textured paint.



M35 Single decal Kriegsmarine "ship-board" helmet; SE64 shell with 1940 dated liner band


This helmet started out as a double decal M35 kriegsmarine. It was re-worked as per 1940 specs with the application of rough-texture field green paint on the exterior and the application of a single decal. The inside of the helmet retains the earlier "apple green" paint. Later in the war the exterior of the helmet was over-painted in Battle ship grey for use on a vessel. The decal was masked off during this over-paint. The inside rim of the helmet bears the previous owners name as well as a number that may be a "rack number".



M40 Single decal Kriegsmarine helmet; EF64 shell with a 1941 dated liner band


This helmet  was left in a village house in Holland during the last days of the war by a member of a coastal artillery unit. The soldier was one Gefrieter Preischel who added his name inside the liner.



M35 Single decal Kriegsmarine "souvenir" helmet; ET 62 shell, Liner band dated 1939


I bought this helmet in January, 1984 at a local gun-show for $26.50. This was originally a double decal helmet. It was repainted after 1940, covering both decals. A single Kriegsmarine eagle decal was then applied. This helmet was taken as a souvenir by a member of the crew of the "SS Houston Volunteers", a liberty ship that did two tours in the Mediterranean during 1943- 1945. The exterior of the shell is adorned with the names of Mediterranean port cities that were apparently visited by the man who took this helmet. (NOTE: he spelled the name of his ship wrong....must have been a seaman 2nd class)



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