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The Sentry™
Card# MTU-017

While his stats aren’t much bigger than those of the average 7-drop, Sentry’s “Pay ATK” power can drastically hinder an opponent’s attacking options in the late game.
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Risk Vs. Reward: Rampant Cross-Pollination -
  The tapestry that we weave as a community is getting gnarly. Vs. System’s super heroic strings are flying all over the place and then coming back together in some very interesting patterns.

Risk Vs. Reward: Ritually Sacrificing the Underdog -
  Luckily for both of us, Carlos the Dwarf came up large in California on Saturday and he writes really well.

Risk Vs. Reward: Hitting One Out of the Park -
  As I type these words, it is opening day.

Risk Vs. Reward: Busting Loose -
  City Championships are a happening all over North America as we speak. The Silver Age format lends itself to a slew of sick strategies, as well as some serious competitive tech.

Risk Vs. Reward: Virtual Fertilizer -
  Vs. System is branching out. The game that we have been tending like a rosebush for three full years is blooming. Get ready for a few bumblebees and butterflies—we are going gardening.

Risk Vs. Reward: Major Mythological Figures -
  Truth may be stranger than fiction, but that doesn’t stop the artist from trying. With modern creative technology blurring the distinction so drastically, who’s counting anyway? Hellboy, that’s who.

Risk Vs. Reward: A Hero for the Ages -
  When I grow up I want to be just like Kyle Dembinski, even though he is 26 years younger than I am.

Risk Vs. Reward: Agony and Alchemy -
  I was wondering what to write about this week when I decided to go back to the basics. I started at the top.

Risk Vs. Reward: Beauty and the Beats -
  It’s time to play the guessing game again. With Pro Circuit Sydney bearing down on us like a grizzly, we need to size it up somehow before we get eaten. We will use beauty as our guide.

Risk Vs. Reward: Aesthetic Obsessions -
  When we first lay eyes upon a brand new set of Vs. System cards, we automatically begin to connect with it through the artwork it contains.

Risk Vs. Reward: Of Monks and Madmen -
  I have a new favorite myth to share with you today, and if I have enough space when we are done, I will do a little Divination to find more hidden gems that might shock the world in Australia.

Marvel Team-Up Preview: Meatmarket, Lilin -
  If you are a fan of the natural power-up, then you will like Meatmarket’s ability.

Risk Vs. Reward: Brand New, Old School, Shiny Purple Kicks! -
  My name is Rian, and I am a Sentinel player.

Hellboy Preview: Huge, Annoying Tentacles and Karl Ruprecht Kroenen -
  What are you afraid of?

Best of 2006, Risk Vs. Reward: Multi-Managing with Jamie Madrox -
  Some stories are just too much fun for a single sitting; Multiple Man deserves a repeat performance.

Best of 2006, Risk Vs. Reward: A Rollercoaster Named Indianapolis -
  War Paint is still my second favorite deck of all time, and the thrill ride it gave me will linger for a long while.

Risk Vs. Reward: In Memoriam -
  With Ariel’s memory in our minds and a fresh set of cards to draft, we headed north for $10K Orlando.

Risk Vs. Reward: Good Times with Bad Guys -
  Vs. System Sneak Preview tournaments are like nothing else.

Risk Vs. Reward: Mephisto For The Win -
  Adam Prosak is our tenth Pro Circuit Champion.

Legion of Super Heroes Preview: The Persuader -
  I feel sorry for any turn 6 underdrops against this character; they are getting stunned twice, and that’s gotta hurt.

Risk Vs. Reward: Adventures in Hypertime -
  Since I will not be able to attend Pro Circuit Los Angeles 2006, I am instead attempting to become a soothsayer.

Gallery Pack Week: Total Anarchy -
  There has never been a set of trading cards like this.

Risk Vs. Reward: Alter Your Faces -
  There were no less than five different Faces decks in the Top 8 of $10K Columbus 2006.

Risk Vs. Reward: Tales of the Obscure -
  Have you ever languished in obscurity? Do you possess a hidden talent that you will someday unleash upon an unsuspecting world?

Risk Vs. Reward: He Who Dies with the Most Joys Wins -
  You can’t take it with you when you’re gone, but boy is it fun while it lasts.

Risk vs. Reward: The Scent of Infinity -
  Heralds of Galactus is being hailed as perhaps the most powerful set of Vs. System cards yet, and we are on the verge of seeing what kind of tricks it has given our sleeves.

Risk Vs. Reward: Around the Bend -
  How did Haywire, Suicidal Lover get the way he is? Let’s consult the myths.

Risk Vs. Reward: Preferential Treatment -
  Everyone plays favorites.

Risk Vs. Reward: The Good Stuff -
  A glob of black ooze that plops itself onto superheroes, sucks their essence for power, and then manipulates the possessed body like clay? Yes, please.

Risk Vs. Reward: A New World of Fun -
  The One World format is strictly casual and totally unofficial. I need your help testing and perfecting it.

Risk Vs. Reward: Much Happier Endings -
  Even though my own personal Pro Circuit story ended in tragedy last week, the other results of the tournament were a cause for great celebration.

Risk Vs. Reward: A Rollercoaster Named Indianapolis -
  If Vs. System were football, I would throw a bomb on every play.

Heralds of Galactus Preview: Rogue, Total Transformation -
  Rogue, Total Transformation opens new doors and builds bridges to places this game has never been.

Risk Vs. Reward: Crackpot Theory -
  Whether you are mining for messages or measuring the metagame to win mad money, this DC Modern Age promises to be a bonanza in many ways.

Risk Vs. Reward: Draft Party with Dr. Psycho -
  For the last three Wednesdays before Pro Circuit Indianapolis, we are having a Draft Party in Miami. Doctor Psycho is one of our honored guests.

Risk Vs. Reward: The Fun Factor -
  The Fun Factor in Vs. System is directly related to the people who play.

Risk Versus Reward: Non-Physics 101 -
  Today’s presentation will concern itself with the ways in which the physical and non-physical interact in our game.

Risk Vs. Reward: Tempting Fate -
  Fate is a fickle and ferocious thing. There are times in our lives when the entire world seems stacked against us alongside moments of complete cohesion and conquest.

Risk Vs. Reward: The Curve of Death -
  Vs. System is a game of wildly diverse play styles and personal strategies; your Number One character for each drop is probably different from mine. That’s the way it should be.

Risk Vs. Reward: The Bigger They Are . . . -
  The big boys of our cardboard cosmos have contributed to well over one million dollars in prize money in only two full seasons of competition. That is no small feat.

Risk Vs. Reward: Dreams Do Come True -
  Perhaps the most brilliant character choice in Pro Circuit history, this card has been almost completely ignored throughout its entire life. In Ivy League, it was a perfect fit.

Risk Vs. Reward: The Mad World of Pro Circuit San Francisco -
  When the dust had settled, there was a shock at the top. It was a shock heard ’round the world.

Risk Vs. Reward: Secret Origins of Janky Jesters -
  Since Harley Quinn helped hoist her Arkham Inmates team up to their first $10K championship in Brisbane last week, I think it’s time that you knew where she came from.

Risk Vs. Reward: This is How the Crystal Ball Bounces -
  This is it, the final countdown. Pro Circuit San Francisco starts on Friday. Are you ready?

Risk Vs. Reward: Are You Creating Your Own Reality? -
  There were quite a few bombshells of information that detonated across the Vs. System community in the past few weeks.

Risk Vs. Reward: Some Days are Better than Others -
  Let’s talk teamwork in Vs. System.

Risk Vs. Reward: Know Thyselves -
  Often, our objective quest for coherent classification and clarity of character creates a crazy crisis of consciousness. Sometimes it goes infinite.

Risk Vs. Reward: Suspended Animation—A Scrapbook -
  There are so many different funfests going on in the world of Vs. System that I could occupy myself for weeks just thinking about them. Time to share.

Infinite Crisis Preview Card: Lex Luthor <> Mockingbird, Evil Exile -
  As long as you can convince a character to become affiliated with his team, Lex Luthor ◊ Mockingbird can alternately recruit it from your hand, no matter what its cost.

Risk Vs. Reward: The More Things Change, the More I Love this Game -
  The Youth Movement has arrived.

Risk Vs. Reward: Postcards from Pro Circuit Paradise -
  I think I could tell stories for three months about the everlasting fun we had in three days.

Risk Vs. Reward: Indecision Time is Over -
  By the time you read this, PC Atlanta will be over. I will have made my decision and the results will be public knowledge.

Risk Vs. Reward: Super Stars in a Cardboard World -
  These are the Vs. System players who remind me of legendary athletes from other leagues and arenas.

Risk Vs. Reward: Multi-Managing with Jamie Madrox -
  Have you ever wished that you could split yourself in two?

Risk Vs. Reward: Olympic Weenie Glory -
  The tournament was over, and 1-cost Army characters had won the gold. It was an upset for the ages.

Risk Vs. Reward: Seeding the Fertile Future -
  The new X-Men set will thrive and spread across our lives in many different places.

Risk Vs. Reward: It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This -
  The X-Men Sneak Preview tournament in South Florida on February 11 was almost too good for me to take.

Risk Vs. Reward: Shall I Compare Vs. System to a Summer’s Day? -
  Modern man continues to experience an infinite variety of emotional states, but a single 4-letter word has taken them all upon its back.

X-Men Preview: Morlock Justice -
  Morlocks really know how to benefit from a bad situation.

Risk Vs. Reward: We Had a PCQ. Where Were You? -
  I have been blessed with the means to attend at least a dozen PCQs during my Vs. System career, and the sense of community they have brought into my life is priceless.

Risk Versus Reward: Bird’s-Eye Views and Unheralded Masterpieces -
  I can’t wait to dive into the new card list and see the delicious goodies we’ll have for trying to beat all of the established Avengers favorites.

Risk Vs.Reward: Ancient Wisdom for a New Era -
  Whether reading tarot cards, pondering fortune cookies, or connecting the dots of my tea leaves, I am often found wallowing in the endless possibilities of symbolic juxtaposition.

Best of 2005: Risk Vs. Reward: Dictionary Definitions and Modern Meanings -
  The illustrations of “weenie” and “godhand” contained in this article are some of my favorite images in the world.

Best of 2005: Risk Vs. Reward: The Madman Who Would be King -
  Most of the Vs. System community considers me to be a bit crazy.

Risk Vs. Reward: Memory Lane Will Never be the Same -
  This alternate format was created by Michael Gilmore, and he was kind enough to provide us with an excellent extended survey of the best character choices.

Risk Vs. Reward: Old Dogs with New Tricks -
  With each new expansion set, Vs. System offers a chance to revisit old strategies.

Risk Vs. Reward: With Stars in Our Eyes -
  I am announcing the creation of a new playtesting team called “The Tiniest Threat.”

Risk Vs. Reward: This is Where Jank Comes From -
  With all the cards that Vs. System has to offer, if I were pressed to pick the best example of jank, I’d have to choose Super Skrull.

Risk Vs. Reward: Are You Ready for Tier None? -
  Rule #1- You may only use the most unpopular teams in the game.

Risk Vs. Reward: Catching Up with the Swirling Excitement -
  Recovering from a major hurricane is simple compared to covering all the excitement swirling around the world of Vs. System these days.

Risk Versus Reward: Ten Days of Wildness, Weather, and Wonder -
  We learned, once again, to be careful what we wish for. School had indeed been cancelled, but the destruction from the storm was unexpectedly brutal.

Risk Vs. Reward: Death on Two Legs -
  This year, my Halloween creative project involves Vs. System.

Justice League of America Preview: Scarecrow, Fearmonger -
  The oppressive era of the Shiny Purple is over, and the inmates have taken over the asylum.

Risk Vs. Reward: Peculiar Preview Pleasure -
  One thing is true in almost every situation. People love new stuff. It’s new, it’s exciting, and it’s the best time of the year.

Risk Vs. Reward: Dictionary Definitions and Modern Meanings -
  When asked the eternal question, “What’s the greatest human invention?” my answer is always “Words.”

Risk Vs. Reward: The Madman Who Would be King -
  When Emperor Joker takes control of the last thread of reality, all hope is lost.

Risk Vs. Reward: The Greatest Combination Ever Played -
  Crazy card combinations can cause considerable clumps of cash to be collected in Vs. System, but there is a great deal of hard work that needs to be done first.

Risk Vs. Reward: Inspired Brainstorms and Cardboard Lightning -
  Not since Wild Vomit made Top 8 in the first-ever California PCQ has a deck created such a stir.

Risk Vs. Reward: Bid Tomorrow Goodbye! -
  Since I always begin my study of a new set by looking for Longshot targets, Kang demands my immediate attention.

Risk Vs. Reward: The Warm Glow of Good Times -
  Pro Circuit Indianapolis was the best party that I attended all year, and I’d like to share my shining memories with you.

Risk Vs. Reward: Hot Dog in the City -
  With two months of testing and more than a few big sighs behind me, this is what I finally decided on for my return to Indianapolis.

Risk Vs. Reward: Nothing Beats a Free Lunch -
  It looks like Dr. Light, Master of Holograms will be the character to beat at Pro Circuit Indianapolis.

Risk versus Reward: Toys in the Attic -
  In the DC Modern Age format, a single piece of equipment can spell the difference between victory and defeat.

Risk versus Reward: The Anti-Life Equation Adds Up -
  Confusing? Good. I hope to win at least two Pro Circuit matches that way.

Risk Vs Reward: Sealed Swarm Success -
  I have always dreamed of playing in a PCQ with cards I’ve never seen before. On Saturday, my dream came true.

Risky Riddles: The KO’d Pile Champion. -
  The Risky Riddles Six Feet Under competition is over and the contestants did some magnificent things with their KO’d piles.

Risky Riddles: Six Feet Under and Back Again -
  For our next Risky Riddle, you will need to bury as many characters as you can, then dig them back up.

Risky Riddles: We Have Our First Winner! -
  The first ever Risky Riddles competition is over and it was more fun than we could ever have expected!

Risky Riddles: Mysterio Smells like Team Spirit -
  Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of Risky Riddles. These Vs. System brain-stretchers are designed to give maximum personal puzzle pleasure while educating the entire community.

Risk Versus Reward: Gone Fishing -
  Let me tell you the tale of the biggest Vs. System catch I’ve made . . . and of the one that’s still swimming out there.

Risk Versus Reward: Speed Kills -
  Since March of 2004, one month before I had real Vs. System cards in my hands, I was building decks that could finish opponents in three or four turns.

Risk vs. Reward: Stealing Souls and Stopping Sevens. -
  Satanus may be evil incarnate, but his ability is good.

Risk Vs. Reward: Suicidal Sanitation Stories -
  There are some jobs that nobody wants to do. Ratcatcher has one of those jobs.

Risk Versus Reward: The Most Dangerous Man in the Game -
  When this character works, he provides more pure card advantage than anyone else in the Vs. System. When Longshot fails, however, he can lose games all by himself.

Risk Versus Reward: The Wild Women of VS. System -
  Traditional wisdom says that females take fewer risks than males. As usual, Vs. System throws tradition out the window.

Risk Versus Reward -
  If you want to shake up your local metagame and cause your opponents to talk about the way you beat them for days afterward, dangerous strategies and cards like Primary Directive and Xavier’s Dream are for you.

A PCQ Handbook -
  After experiencing the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in more than 60 PCQ matches, I feel that these are the things you need to be armed with to qualify for the Pro Circuit. Most of these can be practiced at home.

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