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How Did You Get Your Name
KYDA Pro Answers the Question

How Did You Get Your Wrestling Name?


Mickie James – is her real name.  She started her career being called Alexis Laree.  Alexis was her stage name when she was a dancer.  In wrestling it was important to give a more precise identity and so her middle name was used – Laree.  Alexis Laree is truly Mickie Laree James.


Sonjay DuttReteesh Bhalla was looking for a character and KYDA Pro office wanted to focus on his Indian heritage.  Jimmy Z recalled an incident in college where an exchange student from Sri Lanka, put down America and the dollar.  “Basically a fight broke out in the lounge area because this pompous ass was disrespecting America and putting over Sri Lanka.  His name was Sonjay Gupta and I will never forget the name”.  Reteesh took the name Sonjay as his and then added Dutt stating the fact that a legendary actor in India has that last name.  


Brock SingeltonBill Sjolinder arrived at the KYDA Pro Training School and talked with Jimmy Z about his desire to pursue a career inside the squared circle.  Bill was an officer in the US Army and stated that his drive to become a wrestler started way back during his military days.  While at a bar in Germany, Bill was with a buddy and he decided when he breaks into the business he would call himself Brock Singleton.  At 6’4” 260lbs and a strong amateur background – who were we to argue.


Dylan NightMike Brown was a true up and comer.  He was the star graduate from the KYDA Pro Wrestling Training School and won the support of Steve Corino.  It was Corino that suggested he change his name from American Mike Brown.  At the time the television series 90210 was very popular and it was decided that Dylan would be a great name.  The last name was decided after some repeated Instant Messaging between Jimmy Z and Steve Corino. “Corino IM’ed me and said he always loved the name Knight and referred to Kevin Knight out of New Jersey” remembers Jimmy Z.”I called Mike on the phone and said Dylan Night and he replied ‘sure’”.


Snatch HaggisBrad Hutchins was a solid wrestler with a 230lbs frame.  His shooting skills were commendable.  The KYDA Pro office wanted to establish a name that grabbed people’s attention, yet have meaning.  The name SNATCH was presented.  Snatch has many meanings to many people – KYDA Pro focused on the dictionary term (look it up).  Also, due to Brads propensity to sweat a lot it was decided that no one would like a sweaty snatch – so the heel was born!  Haggis was added as Brad went toward his Highlander roots and took on the Scottish persona – including the kilt.


Bronco LeshinHoward Leshin was the KYDA Pro referee.  His was an older gentleman with a heart of gold.  Steve Corino loved this dearly departed school teacher and took him under his wing.  He taught Howard the inner workings of being a pro wrestling referee.  The only problem was Howard’s three count was a little slow.  Being Old School – Corino said it reminded him of the old Texas World Class wrestling referee Bronco Lubich.  Check out some old 1980’s World Class wrestling and then order a 2000 KYDA Pro event and you will see an uncanny resemblance.



Pat Lawson - errr  that is the name his parents gave him.

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