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Sat, September 22, 2007
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Name: DM-TFC-Floragin
Author: Slainchild
Rating: (1-10) 7.5
DM-TFC-Floragin (UT2004)

"Once; upon a time there was ...

- ArcadiaVincennes
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What's New

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

UT Classic Pack ]I[ at 11:11 AM EDT by HourencesMapping News

Lighting Hunter and Leo have released their third UT Classic Pack, this time featuring around 30 DM levels.

This hefty map pack contains thirty-four handpicked classic maps from the original Unreal, converted over to Unreal Tournament manually. Among the conversions are four maps from the GW Press Add-On Level pack - made by official Epic mappers back in the day. This add-on has since been lost and is very hard to come by. Other conversions include earlier works from authors who work for Epic today, along with other popular mappers in the Unreal community. Many people will recognize the names in this list of chosen maps!


Saturday, August 25th, 2007

Forts Of Time Volume 1 map pack released! at 03:45 AM EDT by HourencesMapping News

The UP Timewarp crew has released their 5th Unreal Tournament map pack, this time around containing a total of six levels for three gametypes (AS, DM, DOM).

AS-FoT-Mothership by Derdak2rot
AS-FoT-OceanRunner by Hostile
AS-FoT-OrionsCursePart1 by FraGnBraG
DM-FoT-Hian by Cooloola
DM-FoT-Metaillicide by XYZ8000
DOM-FoT-SandFlea by Hostile

Download And Comment!

Volume 2 is expected in a few weeks.

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

Project Zephon at 10:33 AM EDT by HourencesMapping News

Derdak2rot, Cardiologist, WhirlWindWabbit, GTDcarthage, milb, LJParanoid, and NR2000 have released the Unreal Tournament Singleplay mod Project Zephon.

Spanning 12 levels, it covers the story of a distant space colony gone silent.

The mod requires Oldskool (included in the zip) and can be downloaded here

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

w00t II released. at 09:45 AM EDT by HourencesMapping News

Sabby, Killroy and Derdak2Rot are back with a second helping of high speed CTF fun, with the relase of volume II of the EXTREME w00t series. Intented for the 5 vs 5 server of the same name, the team raise the w00t benchmark even higher than the previous pack, with even more style, many new explorations of ballistics and the bots are badder than ever.

The mappack includes 12 CTF levels in w00t style (lot of jumppads all over the place) for the original Unreal Tournament.

More info can be found on

Download also at

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

New Texturepack. at 03:39 PM EDT by HourencesMapping News

I've managed to release another free texture pack for the Unreal community. HourKraden contains 69 high resolution textures with an industrial and especially yellow theme.

The textures are available as UTX for both UT1 as UT2004. Correct compression levels, detail textures and so on have been set up.

The textures are free for non commercial use as long as you credit me. More details in the readme.

UT1 version
UT2004 version

Derdak2rot has released a modified version of his low poly pack level DM Hodean to demonstrate these textures:

Level Page

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

New Reviewer! at 12:16 PM EDT by HourencesReview News

As you may have noticed we've welcomed a new reviewer into our ranks. The dutch GenMokai will be happy to review your levels.

He recently reviewed:


Monday, March 5th, 2007

UCMP4 Released! at 12:04 PM EST by ArcadiaVincennesMapping News

And thus The Trilogy Is Complete...

Over the past three years a shifting team of over 30 contributors has created 44 maps for the community.

As mentioned previously, this package contians 6 maps: 2 CTF and 4 DM.

Download the mappack here, at NaliCity.

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

Low Poly Map Pack 2 at 05:07 AM EST by HourencesMapping News

A number of community mappers have released recently released their newest mappack: The Low Poly Map Pack 2.

The UT pack features ten different levels made by seven different authors and includes eight DM maps, one CTF and one DOM. None of the levels exceed a polycount of 200 in the main areas.

CTF-LP-Glycerin by Derdak2Rot
DM-LP-Aelon by XYZ 8000
DM-LP-Archaic by Nix
DM-LP-Cascade by Sinnical
DM-LP-Drakk by Derdak2Rot
DM-LP-Hodean by Derdak2Rot
DM-LP-Oleum by Frieza
DM-LP-Sacrificum by GenMoKai
DM-LP-Winged by XYZ 8000
DOM-LP-Filth_Asylum by Uncle Bob

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

TFC Results! at 05:48 PM EST by HourencesContest News

The results for our Floorplan Challenge are finally in!

14 Entries:

1. UT2k4 CTF-TFC-ColdSnap by CyMek
2. UT CTF-TFC-EvilEEE by Doctor Evil
3. UT2k4 CTF-TFC-Solemn by Sjosz
4. UT CTF-TFC-Variatto by ultrakaka
5. UT DM-TFC-Aweth by milb
6. UT DM-TFC-Maeve by Abuu91
7. UT DM-TFC-Stop by Abuu91
8. UT2k4 CTF-TFC-Beyond by josen
9. UT2k4 CTF-TFC-Cerebrus by Nereid
10. UT2k4 CTF-TFC-PathofPestilence by goldfenix
11. UT2k4 CTF-TFC-TheLetterA by Deathbliss
12. UT2k4 DM-TFC-Floragin by Slainchild
13. UT2k4 DM-TFC-MissileSilo by The-Perforator
14. UT CTF-TFC-ColdFusion by UArchitect

Twrecks, ArcadiaVincennes, XYZ and I were the jury. Our judgements for each level can be found as comments.

The Numbers:


Stop 0,42
EvilEEE 1,75
PathOfsilence 3,5
Maeve 3,63
Coldsnap 4,08
Aweth 4,13
TheLetterA 4,13
Variatto 4,17
Beyond 4,42
MissileSilo 4,83
ColdFusion 5,38
Cerebus 5,54
Solemn 6,33
Floragin 8,19


Stop 2,25
Variatto 3,92
Maeve 4,25
Cerebus 4,58
Beyond 4,58
Coldsnap 4,67
PathOfsilence 4,75
TheLetterA 4,83
Aweth 5,5
ColdFusion 5,5
MissileSilo 5,54
EvilEEE 5,92
Solemn 6,08
Floragin 6,88


Stop 0
EvilEEE 1,63
TheLetterA 3,46
Maeve 4,04
Cerebus 4,83
PathOfsilence 5,67
ColdFusion 5,75
Beyond 5,92
MissileSilo 5,96
Coldsnap 6,38
Variatto 7,17
Aweth 7,35
Floragin 7,42
Solemn 7,71


Stop 0,88
EvilEEE 3,1
Maeve 3,89
TheLetterA 4,14
PathOfsilence 4,6
Beyond 4,97
Cerebus 4,99
Variatto 5,08
Coldsnap 5,32
MissileSilo 5,4
ColdFusion 5,5
Aweth 5,64
Solemn 6,7
Floragin 7,49

That means that Floragin, a UT2004 level by Slainchild, is the winner by far! Only Sjosz' UT2004 level Solemn can come close. Milbs UT1 Aweth comes in 3rd.

Congrats to the winners, and all other participators!

Monday, January 8th, 2007

The Floorplan Challenge at 09:49 PM EST by MassChAoSContest News

The Floorplan Challenge wraps up tonight. Be sure to get your entries in! Judging will start tomorrow, but winners won't be announced for at least a week.

See the posts below for details concerning the contest.

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

More time for The Floorplan Challenge! at 11:15 AM EST by HourencesContest News

To give all of you some extra time to finish your entries the deadline for our contest has moved to monday the 8th of January 2007. That's a week of extra time!

Monday, December 25th, 2006

The Floorplan Challenge at 10:24 AM EST by HourencesContest News

There are only a few days left to submit your UT or UT2004 levels to our contest! The levels must be uploaded to NC before January 1 and must have the prefix TFC in the name to be valid entries.

The contest requires people to pick a letter/number/character of your keyboard and build a level around a floorplan shaped as that character.

Retail examples of such levels are CTF Joust in UT2004 (shapes as an I) and DM Trainingday in UT2004 (shaped like an 8)

There will be three winners: The overal winner, a gameplay winner and a visuals winner. The winner gets the Featured Map for next month.

More info and the rules can be found a few newsposts down.

Friday, December 8th, 2006

The Hows and Whys of Level Design - Released! at 03:03 PM EST by HourencesMapping News

My book The Hows and Whys of Level Design has gone on sale!

My newspost can be found on

Ordering can be done at

More info can be found on my site accepts creditcard payments of all major types as well as Paypal. They ship worldwide.

The book is available in two editions: a printed edition at 39.96USD/32.17EUR (pictured below) and a digital PDF edition at 18.50USD/14.89EUR.

About the book:

The book covers both the visual and artistic side as well as the gameplay aspect of level design. Don�t expect any technical how-to tutorials in this book, this book is about the "why". Rather than writing yet another tutorial/book about how to create a virtual room this book is about how to make that room look cool and play well. Expect tips and techniques as well as explanations of the logic and reasoning behind art and design decisions. How does the gameplay in a level work? What�s the reason this kind of architecture gives this kind of feeling or looks better in situation A or B? Why does this color combination work so well? What kind of floorplan can I best use to improve gameplay and why? What type of sound setup should I use?

The book is well illustrated and offers many examples with pictures, nearly 120 to be exact. The book is intended to be universal. Most of the information can be applied to a wide range of games and different genres, gametypes, themes etc. I tried to cover and support as many different types as possible but as I personally have most experience in 3D action games and FPS shooters one can expect most of the focus to be on those; especially regarding Gameplay.

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

The Floorplan Challenge at 12:32 PM EST by HourencesContest News

To put some new life in both the community and Nalicity we have decided to organize a contest: The Floorplan Challenge.

The contest will run for the entire month of December and requires people to pick a letter/number/character of your keyboard and build a level around a floorplan shaped as that character.

Retail examples of such levels are CTF Joust in UT2004 (shapes as an I) and DM Trainingday in UT2004 (shaped like an 8)

The levels can have great gameplay and great visuals, or terrible gameplay but great visuals or the other way around. Great gameplay but very basics looks. Anything you want as long as it does SOMETHING well. The most original use of a character will also be important.

Think outside the box: the level can have a large number of floors, it can have floorplans or cool gimmicks everywhere, it can be a large ONS terrain level, it can have strange warpzones, it can be underwater, in space and so on.


-Contest starts right now and ends on January 1, 2007
-You can enter your level by simply submitting the level here at Nalicity and adding the prefix TFC in the name (Example: DM-TFC-MyLittlePony)
-The level needs to use an approved character and only one single character. The character must be clearly visible in either the top down viewport or in a front/side viewport.
-Approved characters are (in this font only!): QWERTYUIOPLKJHGFDSAZXCVBNM qwertyuioplkjhgfdsazxcvbnm 1234567890 ~!@#$%^&*()_+=-[]}{';:"/.,<>?|
-Level can be any size
-Level can have extra walls, platforms and other things within the main shape (For example a large letter U with inside plenty of extra platforms or multiple floors)
-Level must either a Unreal Tournament 1 level or a Unreal Tournament 2004 level. The contest is for both games.
-Level must be made for a retail gametype: DM, TDM, CTF, DOM, DDOM, ONS, AS and so on. The exception to this rule are BT and JB levels. Bunnytrack and Jailbreak levels are also allowed.
-Extra custom content is allowed provided it is included in the zip.
-Authors can an unlimited number of levels.
-The judges are the staff and reviewers of Nalicity
-The winning levels will be reviewed


-There will be several winners: The Best Overall Level (good visuals, good gameplay, original), The Best Gameplay winner (great gameplay, visuals are irrelevant), The Best Visuals winner (great looks, irrelevant or non existent graphics) and finally The Most Original Level (most original concept/use of character/implementation).
-There are no real prizes other than fun and honor.
-There winners will receive the MapOfTheMonth and Hotlist of January.

Questions? Got something to show? Hit the forums.

Monday, December 4th, 2006

New MOTM and Hotlist at 04:39 PM EST by HourencesSite News

A new MapOfTheMonth and Hotlist have been added with the levels that received the best reviews in the past few months.

The UT1 Low Poly Map Pack by Derdak2Rot, XYZ 8000, Rakiayn, and TexasGtar , reviewed by ash lex, is the new MOTM.

The rest of the Hotlist is made up of mainly UT1 levels with the exception of DM Samodiva and CTF Mechanization Zen, both UT2004 levels.

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