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Stand by Our Man in Pakistan

11 September 2007

As embattled Pakistani ruler Gen Pervez Musharraf increasingly becomes the target of political and personal attacks from all angles, Gen Anthony Zinni, former commander of the US Central Command, fears the United States may be alienating one of the nation's strongest allies in the war on terror. Read More

Arab Insight Fall 2007: "Do We Hate America?"

28 August 2007

The Arab world responds to a critical question for US-Arab relations in the fall issue of Arab Insight: "Do We Hate America?" Read the answer from informed Arab experts in the second issue of Arab Insight. Read More

"The Return of the Doomsday Machine?"

5 September 2007

It turns out that Dr Strangelove isn't a strange fantasy after all -- read a recent Slate article that discusses the reality of a "doomsday device," possibly still in place, to automatically launch Russian nuclear missiles in response to a perceived US attack; the article also highlights the World Security Institute's efforts to convince the US and Russian governments to de-alert their arsenals and take new steps to thwart nuclear disaster. Read More

Reykjavik Revisited

5 September 2007


Twenty-one years ago, at the October 1986 Reykjavik Summit, President Ronald Reagan and Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev entered into an unprecedented dialogue regarding their desire to eliminate their countries' nuclear weapons; in 2006 a conference at the Hoover Institution attempted to rekindle the vision of that historic meeting; now, in the fall of 2007, this policy brief published collaboratively by the World Security Institute and Lawyers Alliance for World Security seeks to reinforce the goals of those who seek a world without nuclear weapons. Read More

China Security Summer 2007: China's Rise in Africa

21 August 2007

Chinese scholars and experts analyze the many facets of the burgeoning relationship between Africa and China: the good and the bad, the challenges and opportunities, in the Summer 2007 'China Security' journal. Read More

U.S. Arms in Iraq: Missing in Action

9 August 2007

The GAO recently released a report stating that United States has lost track of thousands of weapons sold to Iraq; CDI Senior Analyst Rachel Stohl noted in a report back in December 2006  that the United States had not kept track of distributed weapons in Iraq, which were falling into the hands of insurgents and criminals. Read More