Past Exhibitions

Disney: The Music Behind the Magic
Nov. 4, 2006 - Sept. 9, 2007
Nearly everyone is aware of the influence of Disney animation and theme parks, but few realize that music is the foundation of the studio’s success.
Jimi Hendrix
Closed August 6, 2007, the Jimi Hendrix exhibition was filled with rare objects illustrating both the personal and superstar aspects of the guitar hero.
The Art of Modern Rock
The companion exhibition to the best-selling book Art of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion.
Bob Dylan’s American Journey, 1956-1966
Few figures in the history of American popular music have reached the status of Bob Dylan.
Annie Leibovitz
Renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz's American Music; an exhibition of more than sixty portraits.
Through rare memorabilia, examples of commercial excess, and quirky expressions of fan creativity, this exhibition demonstrates the power music has to impact individual lives.
Bruce Springsteen
One of the most beloved and respected artists in American popular music, Bruce Springsteen created many of his most powerful songs about characters on the move—and often on the run.
Disco: A Decade of Saturday Nights
Disco was more than an innocent craze; it was an influential musical trend that still touches dance floors around the world.
Spanning the 1940s to the 1990s, a series of interconnected exhibitions celebrating diverse expressions of creativity and the independent spirit of rock 'n' roll.
An exhibition chronicling the first half of Nirvana's career, from 1987 to 1990, when Kurt Cobain and his band mates were ascending to a creative peak.
Artist To Icon
Forty-eight rarely seen black-and-white photographs of Elvis Presley, the Beatles and Bob Dylan before they became rock 'n' roll legends.
Paper Scissors ROCK
An exhibition exploring the last 25 years of music-related poster art from the Pacific Northwest.
The songwriting process broken down into seven distinct sections, with related interactives.
Sweet Home Chicago
Part of a series of events to raise awareness of the blues and its contribution to American culture and music worldwide.
Costumes from the Vault
Costumes and clothing from a selection of musicians, superheroes and science fiction stars—a whimsical journey into the wardrobes of the wild.