LOWE'S Home Improvement Sucks

DISCLAIMER This personal non-commercial website is NOT affiliated with LOWE'S Home Improvements, or the LOWE'S Companies of North Wilkesboro, NC  (you can find LOWE's here) in any way shape, form or fashion. The contents of this website are views, opinions and facts as expressed by Allen Harkleroad and fully protected under U.S. and International law.

Note my opinion on this image
"Should read "WE WILL RIP YOU OFF""

"LOWE'S is nothing more than a corporate bully that attempts to use the U.S. legal system to stifle my free speech rights. What they are doing (my opinion) could be considered as an attack on every single hardworking American in the United States. They are trying to shut me up because I am criticizing their business, and if you were to criticize them they might do the same to you.

No company or government authority has the right to prevent a U.S. citizens free speech either through harassment or by legal threats. I have a GOD given and constitutionally protected right to express my opinions and criticisms against others without fear of prosecution or persecution. Every American has that right, and can protect it, without any fear of getting sued or hurt in any way.

The issue I have with Lowe's now goes far beyond my public opinion of their companies shoddy workmanship, it has now spread into helping protect and uphold the rights of every American against heavy handed corporations (like LOWE'S) that think they can scare us into shutting up about their bad products and services.

As an American citizen doesn't that just really piss you off? Imagine if a company or for that matter anyone told you that you can't say anything bad about them and if you do they could try and cause you all sorts of problems, including suing you. Wouldn't that not really just make you just about lose your religion over it. Sure it would. Well I am not taking it sitting down and neither should you or anyone else."

If nothing else I will become a martyr for the free speech rights of ALL American's.

If this kind of abuse and mistreatment makes you angry I hope that you will send this information, website, etc. to every one you know and help spread the word about how LOWE's believes they can stop an American citizen from criticizing them through lawyers and legal threats.

Click here to be taken to an easy way for you to help spread the word about LOWE's corporate bullying.

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Update  September 23, 2007  - (way down at the bottom) - Call from Lowe's attorney on Saturday - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF.org) has been retained as legal counsel (for me) and all of the emails and phone calls.
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UPDATE - September 21, 2007 - Added recording of telephone conversations I had on 9/20 with Terry Hurley of Lowes. Please note that both North Carolina and Georgia have a one party consent law that allows the consent of a single party to record a telephone conversation. Click here to go directly to this entry

UPDATE  September 20, 2007 (bottom of page) LEGAL THREAT FOR TRADEMARK MISUSE BY LF, LLC ON BEHALF OF LOWE'S - WHAT A FREAKING JOKE - BRING IT ON! (the infringement letter I received is posted with this entry).
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UPDATE  September 19, 2007 (bottom of page) VEILED LEGAL THREATS BY LOWE'S - Click here to go directly to this entry.

 I encourage you to email a Lowe's Board of Director Member and tell them how you feel about them trying to prevent an American citizens right to criticize then in public? Here are their email addresses.

For everyone reading this please send this to every one you know, the link is www.lowes-sucks.com
There is an easy copy and paste routine near the bottom of this very long and detail page.



I hereby award LOWE's the coveted golden corporate and poor customer service incompetence award, for their unfailing incompetence and failure to resolve customer complaints in a timely and just manner.

(just search on Google or your favorite search engine for: LOWE's Complaints, lowe s complaints, lowe's sucks, lowes consumer complaints, lowes fence installation complaint lowes ticker low, lowes fencing installation complaint, lowes home improvement customer complaints lowes and customer service complaints, lowes home improvement ticker, NYSE LOW, etc. and you will see what I mean.)

They Will
RIP YOU OFF, then send debt collectors after YOU


LOWES (NYSE ticker LOW) Refuses to Fix $3500.00 Fence they Installed,
Instead Sends Debt Collectors

Lowe’s Home Improvement of Statesboro Georgia Refuses to Fix Faulty installed fence, consumer refuses to pay for the work, Lowe’s turns the matter over to a collection agency.

You know it is very sad when a home improvement company ( LOWE’S - NYSE ticker: LOW ) sells you a $3500.00 fence, their installer does a crappy job. You refuse to pay for it because LOWE’s won’t make good, so they turn it over to a collection agency (ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE MANAGEMENT INC of Thorofare New Jersey).

My name is Allen Harkleroad and I live in Statesboro Georgia and this is my story. I bought a fence from Lowe’s (mistake #1), the send an ‘installer’ out, he disappears. Two weeks later they send another one, he takes a week to install it. From the outside it looked fine. However, within a week of the installation I notice big gaps under the fence (space between the ground and fence). My dogs disappear the next day, they crawl up under the fence (without even having to dig out). I put down 2x4's and secured them to the fence. I had to do this 5 or 6 times in different places around the fence, I still never filled all the gaps in.

A week later my dogs disappear again, this time they have escaped through the locked gate one the far side of my home. The installer didn’t tighten the gate hinges or the clasp handle on the gates, the dogs simply pushed the gates open and escaped (imagine if it had been a small child that had gotten out of the fence and into traffic or worse). I call Lowe’s and speak with the person in charge of the outdoor fences; she tells me that the installer must fix it. I call him; he says Lowe’s has to tell him to fix it. I call Lowe’s now I can’t get the woman on the phone that I talked to. I went to the store several times and she was not to be found, I try to see the store manager, twice, he either wasn’t around (convenient, eh?) or was too busy to deal with it. I call the main Lowe’s I get the phone extension run around.

Enough is enough. Since LOWE’s doesn’t see fit to fix a screwed up installation, I then decided to withhold any further payments on my Lowe’s account (financed by GE Money BANK) which was used to finance (Mistake #2) the fence. After about 60 days, Lowe’s starts calling about payment on the account, I ask them when they are going to fix the fence. They told me it wasn’t their department or problem. All they wanted to know when payment would be made. I told them when the fence they sold me and installed was fixed. It has been nearly a year now, and now Lowe’s has sent a debt collection company (Accounts Receivable Management of Thorfare New Jersey) after me.

Look at the pictures below. Would you pay $3500.00 for this crap they call a professionally installed fence?

Imagine if a small child had pushed on the gate like my dogs did and got out of the back yard and into traffic, or worse?

No one wants to fix my fence, but they sure do want to collect the money on it. Enough is enough. I am fighting back.

I have spent over 100 dollars buying 2x4’s and steel rods to try and keep my dogs in the fence; I and my family have had to frantically search the neighborhoods for our pets that escaped the faulty fence (numerous times). It got to the point that we gave one of our dogs to a friend as we just could not keep her in the fence. I am frustrated, exasperated and very pissed off.

To top it off the freaking fence mesh is on the inside of the poles rather than on the outside, the front two stretches are on the outside of the poles (as it should be) the two long sides are on the inside (you can see this in the first picture below). HOW RETARDED IS THAT? Are all Lowe's outside installers brain damaged? Heck my next door neighbor's 5 year old could have done a better job.

The Evidence





Note: In the above picture I am standing on the inside of the fence and the mesh is on the inside of the poles rather than the outside. No wonder my neighbor kept asking who in the heck installed the fence. I of course told him LOWE's. I don't think Lowe's could install themselves out of a wet paper sack.


You can help by forwarding this post, sharing this post, bookmark this post on your favorite bookmark website, print and mail it, spread it around, print it out and take it to customer care at your local LOWE'S and show it to them, tell them what you think of such things.

Even better DON'T SHOP AT LOWE'S, Go to HOME DEPOT or better yet buy from the smaller building and home improvement companies in your area. EVEN BETTER SELL YOUR LOWE'S STOCK and buy something worth the money.


The Freaking debt collectors called me at work again, despite having been told orally to not call. A certified letter was sent to Accounts Receivable Management on September 11, 2007. If they bother me after signing for the cease and desist I sent I am going straight to the State Court of Bulloch County and begin filing complaints against LOWE'S, GE Money Bank and Accounts Receivable Management. BET ON THAT...

On of the biggest problems LOWE'S has I bet is with outside installer/contractors. I bet they are nothing but a headache. My advice is to stop using outside contractors, hire and train a traveling installer group and send them from town to town, or spend some money and train/hire folks at each store, while they aren't installing they can work in the store. That will stop much of the installation/installer issues. Probably would cut out a lot of overhead and problems such as me...

UPDATE September 18, 2007 - Updated @ 6:30pm

Good news Google is showing quite a few results on my issue with LOWE'S in their search results (took only 3-4 days!), that means MSN search and Yahoo will be showing results any day now.

Mr. Hurley (?) [of Lowe's install division] I could have sworn you were going to get back to me today (Tuesday 9/18/2007). It's a shame you didn't keep your word. I guess the city sites and granting the interviews that were requested of me by the news media is my next step. The longer you take (LOWE'S), they more visibility I will grab over this issue, bet on that. Maybe I should start posting cell phone and home phone numbers of the Lowe's folks that have made assurances and promises that as far as I know haven't been delivered. I imagine there are quite a few LOWE'S customers that would like to talk to all of you.


LOWE'S I see you wherever you go on my network. That's the cool thing about my owning over 1,000 IP's on four class C network blocks. I can see everything that goes on.. I see all, I know all. I have seen you on every site (just about) that I have posted the fence issue on. You haven't found them all, though. More coming too!

Update September 19, 2007 - ATTENTION ROBERT A. NIBLOCK

In case the visitors to this website is wondering what I am asking Lowe's to do to rectify this issue is simple.

#1 Get the Debt Collector (i.e. Accounts Receivable Management - GE Money Bank) off my back. According to Mr. Hurley(?) of the Lowe's install division this has been accomplished. I have yet to receive any written notification or verifiable evidence to that effect though.

#2 The CEO of Lowe's (Robert Niblock) is to send me a signed letter that collection activity has ceased and will not happen again regarding this issue and a stipulation in the letter that if I am harassed again that Lowe's will pay me $10,000 for liquefied damages. Basically if I am NOT bothered by GE Money Bank or debt collectors I do not receive the liquefied damages. If what Mr. Hurley has said is true then Lowe's will have no future liability for liquefied damages. If they are so confident that I won't be bothered again, then they should have no problem with such a stipulation. Or is Lowe's worried that their own system is severely flawed and such a thing could happen again?

#3 Refund any difference between the purchase price and what I may have paid on the account for the fence. If there is none, fine, I understand that, however I do believe there is a couple of hundred dollars that is due me regarding refund of the fence.

#4 After all three conditions above are met then Lowe's is to remove the defective fence and restore my yard to it's pre (fence) installation condition (i.e. fill in the post holes when fence is removed).

#5 I demand a letter of retraction by FL, LLC/Lowe's for their meritless and baseless trademark infringement demand.

That is all I am requiring of Lowe's yet they do not seem to even want to even discuss this beyond my conversation with Alton John's (Statesboro Ga Lowe's manager) or what Mr. Hurley and I discussed.

I do not believe that what I am asking is outrageous, I just want things to be like they were BEFORE the fence was installed, plus an assurance that the GE Money Bank and ARM issue will not reappear.

Suck up your pride Mr. Niblock before I end up taking this entire matter to court and end up costing everyone far more than what I am requiring of LOWE's. Juries love awarding damages, and the emotional strain on my family is worth a lot to me in terms of court awarded damages. I don't care if it takes years of litigation to right this wrong, I am a patient man and I can easily keep this issue very visible for years to come if need be.

Mr. Niblock you can stop this right now by doing as I am requiring, the ball is in YOUR court so to speak. Don't let the snowball get too far down the hill, LOWE's won't be able to stop it and will end up turning into an avalanche of embarrassment, bad press and litigation.


You wouldn't attempt to stifle free speech and public criticism now would you LOWE's? The press love hearing about big businesses trying to stomp on an individuals freedom of speech, and newspaper readers and television news watchers can't get enough of that kind of news.

In regards to Mr. Terry Hurely's veiled threat about LOWE's taking exception to the lowes-sucks.com website. I hope you do try something stupid like a DMCA notice (I own the network so it must be addressed to me, in which I will send a response declining removal), or filing for trademark infringement. Per the 6th circuit court decision in "The Taubman Company v. Webfeats et al. (see notes below) a SUCKS.com website doesn't violate the Landham Act. I sincerely hope that LOWE's does try the litigation route, it will be that much easier to file a counterclaim and a demand for a jury trial, for, but no limited to: false and deceptive advertising, violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), frivolous litigation and wrongful prosecution. The news media will eat it up.

I would also like to put LOWE'S legal counsel on notice. Should LOWE's be inclined to foolishly file anything, any legal filings must be made in the State Court of Georgia (Bulloch County) or the US District Court, Southern District, Statesboro Georgia. My principle place of business and residence are in Bulloch County (Statesboro) Georgia, the servers hosting this website are located here and all events that led up to the creation of this sucks website transpired here. Basically you gotta come to me on my home turf if you want to sue me. I hope you make an unwise decision to go the litigation route, I can very much and more easily deal with you in court. Plus it will make for some great human interest news stories.

I welcome LOWE'S to the world of SUCKS.com websites, it really does suck doesn't it.

Wired.com Legal Tips for Your own 'Sucks' Site
Bad corporate citizens beware. A website that promises to put a spotlight on companies with poor practices is scheduled to launch in September. It will join the ranks of dozens of corporate criticism pages already on the Internet known affectionately as "sucks sites." Starbucked , Aolsucks , noamazon.com , disney-sucks.com , oreilly-sucks.com,  mac-sucks.com,  uhaul-sucks.com,  bankofamericasucks.com,  thedonaldsucks.com (anti Donald Trump), target-sucks.com,  homedepotsucks.com are among some of the most-well known of these forums, where disenchanted consumers can post their beefs.

US Supreme Court Sixth Circuit Supports Sucks Sites
"The domain holder's use of the trademarks in conjunction with the word "sucks" in the domain names of non-commercial complaint sites did not violate Section 1114 of the Lanham Act because there was no likelihood of consumer confusion arising from that type of use, and because such speech is protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution. The Taubman Company v. Webfeats, et al., Nos. 01-2648/2725 (6th Cir., February 7, 2003)."

From a legal standpoint a sucks.com website is no different than a billboard, or a person speaking from a pulpit. Sucks dot com websites are protected free speech under U.S. law.


LOWE'S Board of Directors with email addresses

Robert A. Niblock
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Larry D. Stone
President and Chief Operating Officer

Gregory M. Bridgeford
Executive Vice President - Business Development

Charles W. (Nick) Canter, Jr.
Executive Vice President - Merchandising

Robert F. Hull, Jr.
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Joseph M. (Mike) Mabry, Jr.
Executive Vice President - Logistics and Distribution

Theresa A. Anderson
Senior Vice President and General Merchandising Manager - Home Décor

Maureen K. Ausura
Senior Vice President - Human Resources

Scott C. Butterfield
Senior Vice President - Research and Strategic Planning

Marshall A. Croom
Senior Vice President - Merchandising and Store Support

Rick D. Damron
Senior Vice President - Store Operations (Northeast)

Clinton T. (Clint) Davis
Senior Vice President and General Merchandising Manager - Hardlines

William W. (Bill) Edwards
Senior Vice President - Store Operations (North Central)

James M. Frasso
Senior Vice President - Store Operations (Southeast)

Robert J. Gfeller, Jr.
Senior Vice President - Marketing and Advertising

Vaughn Hayes
Senior Vice President - Store Planning and Environment

Matthew V. Hollifield
Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer

Robert Ihrie Jr.
Senior Vice President, Employee Rewards & Services

John L. Kasberger
Senior Vice President and General Merchandising Manager - Kitchen and Bath

Gaither M. Keener, Jr.
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Dennis R. Knowles
Senior Vice President - Store Operations (South Central)

Michael K. Menser
Senior Vice President, Product Development; President, Global Sourcing

N. Brian Peace
Senior Vice President - Corporate Affairs

K. Scott Plemmons
Senior Vice President - Specialty Sales

Patricia M. (Patti) Price
Senior Vice President and General Merchandising Manager - Outdoor Living

David E. Shelton
Senior Vice President - Real Estate, Engineering and Construction

Eric D. Sowder
Senior Vice President - Logistics

J. David Steed
Senior Vice President and General Merchandising Manager - Building Products

Steven M. Stone
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Stephen J. Szilagyi
Senior Vice President - Distribution

Robert F. Wagner
Senior Vice President - Store Operations (West)

Gary E. Wyatt
Senior Vice President - Real Estate, Engineering and Construction




Dear Lowe's and LF, LLC I am in receipt of your unauthorized Use of LF, LLC Intellectual Property. Unfortunately your claims of misuse are baseless (per your letter Section 43(a) of the Landham Act 15 U.S.C. section 1125a). Please read 'The Taubman Company vs. Webfeats, et al., decision Nos. 01-2648/2725 (6th Cir., February 7, 2003).' Secondly the use of a Trademark in a parody (such as I have used) has been upheld also and is not a violation of Section 43(a) of the Landham act, 15 U.S.C section 1125(a). In other words you go ahead and file what you think you need to. You will need to file this in Bulloch County (Georgia) state court or in the U.S. Court Southern District of Georgia, as the alleged infringement occurred here, my residence and my place of business which houses the services that host the website are here. Get ready to lose a LOT of money in damages when you do file this. I like collecting damages for idiots attorney's that attempt to scare individuals with legal threats.

PS: your infringement notice neglected to identify the alleged marks, nor where they accompanied by trademark registration numbers., this is your notice of non-compliance.

Mrs. Rebecca Greene of LF, LLC  (and Heather G. Sidbury, Esq.) - Your notification is incorrect, you will need to either resubmit your notification as follows below or send a notice of retraction via certified mail or overnight delivery.

I would also to take a moment and remind you that there are SEVERE penalties for any misusing the Landham Act.

Your best bet is to properly re-send the infringement notice as outlined (see below in bordered box), so that I can send you a non-compliance notification per U.S.C. 15 or send a retraction before you anger me and I go after you and your employer (and any attorney's involved, et al.) for abusing the Landham Act. The ball is in your court Mrs. Green. I also might remind you that USC 15 1125(a) is in correct in regards to your claim of infringement, you need to come up with something better than that. Better go grab that US Code book you are referring from and find something that you believe matches more closely.


1125(a) refers to False designations of origin, false descriptions, and dilution forbidden.

(a) Civil action

(1) Any person who, on or in connection with any goods or services, or any container for goods, uses in commerce any word, term, name, symbol, or device, or any combination thereof, or any false designation of origin, false or misleading description of fact, or false or misleading representation of fact, which—

(A) is likely to cause confusion, or to cause mistake, or to deceive as to the affiliation, connection, or association of such person with another person, or as to the origin, sponsorship, or approval of his or her goods, services, or commercial activities by another person, or

(B) in commercial advertising or promotion, misrepresents the nature, characteristics, qualities, or geographic origin of his or her or another person’s goods, services, or commercial activities,

shall be liable in a civil action by any person who believes that he or she is or is likely to be damaged by such act.


My detailed response...

(A) this site and use of LOWE's IP is not being used in connection with goods and services, nor is it being used in commerce, this website is a personal non-commercial website being used as protest.
(B) There is very little if any likelihood that anyone visiting the website will be confused based on the nature of the website in it's entirety, even under the rule of least sophistication your argument would not hold up.
(C) This website is not commercial advertising or promotion.


Legal threats won't squelch my free speech rights. If in fact you and your attorney's do file, I will be filing a counterclaim and demand for jury trial and a motion to have your case dismissed based on prior precedence's and decisions.

LOWES-SUCKS.com (allen Harkleroad & GMP Services Inc) complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"). If you wish to report a Copyright or Trademark Violation, please send your infringement notice via certified postal mail describing the violation and provide:

(i) a physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright or trademark interest, (ii) a detailed description of the copyrighted or trademarked work that you claim has been infringed, (iii) a description of where the material that you claim is infringing is located on the website(s), (iv) your contact information, including mailing address, telephone number, and email address, (v) a statement by you that you have a good faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright or trademark owner, its agent, or the law, (vi) a statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the above information in your Notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright owner's behalf.

We also recommend that you included copies of the copyright and/or trademark registrations from the US Copyright or US Trademark office for each item that is alleged to be infringing, this will speed up the process. Please be aware you may receive a DMCA counter-notification from LOWES-SUCKS.COM via certified postal mail as to the reason LOWES-SUCKS.COM will not comply with your copyright infringement notice.

c/o Legal
107 Ladd Circle
Statesboro, GA 30458

Note: LOWES-SUCKS.COM does not accept nor does LOWES-SUCKS.COM recognize copyright or trademark infringement notices sent via email. All claims and notices of copyright infringement must be sent via certified mail to the address listed above.



The Letter I received today (9/20/2007)

(Allen says) Ooooh, i am so scared, quaking in my shoes (NOT LIKELY)

Note that it isn't from an attorney, nor was the infringement notice properly executed and lastly the reference to Section 43(a) doesn't apply in this issue. Maybe Mrs. Green should leave legal stuff to the legal folks, before
she causes any more problems for LF, LLC. I affectionately refer to these types of empty legal threats as "CARTOONEYS"

ATTENTION: LF, LLC you might want to finish up the patent case that Steven J. Orosz , jr. has filed (Federal Question - 15:1126 Patent Infringement - July 13, 2007) before you try taking on anything else. I have access to Edgar online, Find Law, Westlaw, Lexis-Nexis and several other online legal information brokers, including filings. As far as I can tell the only case you have ever had in US district court is the Steven J. Orosz case and you are named as a defendant on that, so it is highly unlikely that you will do anything beyond that joke of an infringement letter you sent. And if you do, l I shall prevail. Got any more attorney's names you want to throw around in your infringement notifications?

Now I am going to do a little background research on Heather G. Sidbury Esq. that you cc'ed in your letter. I like to file against attorney's (their state bar association) when they try to misuse the law. You know the ethics thing can cause disbarment or censure. I don't have a problem filing bar association complaints, bet on that. I figure Heather Sidbury should have a license to practice in either North Carolina or Delaware, so it won't take too long. Can't seem to find them in Findlaw though, but Lexis-Nexis should turn them up if they are licensed to practice law. You know I can only find one Sidbury (attorney) in Findlaw.com and his first name is Benajmin. Hmm, I wonder if Heather G Sidbury actually exists. Now to do a search of all US state bar associations to get a little deeper into if indeed Mrs. Sidbury is an attorney or a fictitious name.

I am believing at the moment that there is no such a person (or attorney) Heather G Sidbury. I am quite sure if there were, the letter would have been from her and not some trademark manager. (LOL). I did find a Heather Gregg Sidbury in Charlotte, however I see no cases brought by her in state or US District court, she appears to be a patent attorney (LOL). You need to find a better way to threaten someone.


Update September 21, 2007

In both Georgia and North Carolina there is a law on the books that allows for one-party telephone recording. Only one party needs to give consent to record the conversation. The link below is a Windows Audio file (WMA) and a mp3 version of me and Terry Hurley of Lowe's recorded at 8:55am on September 20, 2007.

It seems Lowe's after having sent debt collectors after me via my refusal to pay for the defective fence (remember i put it on my LOWE's card) still is unwilling to give me a written assurance that the GE Money Bank/Accounts Receivable Management debt collector issue was taken care of 100%. I need this for my files should somehow a debt collector pops up trying to collect on this. In any case I recorded this and other conversations as allowed by both North Carolina and Georgia's one party consent law. it is about 4mb in size.

This can all end once i have that letter from Lowe's singed by a VP or higher and also a notice of retraction from either you or LF, LLC regarding the infringement takedown demand. Once I have possession of those we can conclude this entire matter satisfactorily.

Play the telephone conversation (.wma)

Play the conversation (.mp3)


HI THERE Moore & Van Allen! I SEE YOU!

September 23, 2007

An attorney in Atlanta (referred to himself as Bill Smith) called me on Saturday (9/22/2007 - 3:30pm - Kind of Odd don't you think to cal on Saturday?) and claimed to be representing LOWE's, I advised him that I had retained legal counsel and referred him to my attorney, who happens to be a staff attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (Go to EFF.org for this who aren't familiar with the Electronic Frontier Foundation).  Mr. Smith and my attorney agreed to speak on Monday.

A note to all of those that have called and email, it is great to see such support from consumers and LOWE's employees alike. I greatly appreciate all of the information that was sent, however I can't post anything here as it wouldn't be my opinions. Thank you again for your help! Also thanks for the offers of hosting this site, I would prefer it to stay on my company network as I/we will not bow to pressure from Lowe's or their attorneys to take my free speech offline. It's here to stay. The longer it takes for LOWE's to come to their senses the less likely it that I will ever remove this website.

I believe that LOWE'S is now resorting to legal pressure to squash my free speech rights and thinks that by being stubborn and heavy handed with the lawyers about this makes them right (except NOT). I WILL NOT BACK DOWN. This is now more about free speech than anything (I still want that fence out of my yard by the way, but that will have to wait until the trademark infringement issue is resolved, this site will not go anywhere until such time as it is cleared up, even if it takes years and years!

I wonder if 'Bill Smith" is the same William B.B. Smith the big litigation and Trademark attorney in Atlanta?

Free Speech is an American's Legal Right and Corporations through Bullying and legal threats cannot take that away

Imagine all of this uproar because of a crappy fence installation, and now LOWE is is bullying me, an single individual, because I am criticizing LOWE'S about my fence. Everyone at LOWE's puts their pants on the same way I do (one leg at a time) and are bound to the same laws of this country as I am. I shall ultimately prevail, you cannot take away my GOD given right and constitutionally protected freedom of speech. I am normally an easy going individual that doesn't get involved unless I know I am 100% in the right, and this is one of those issues, not only am I standing up for my consumer and free speech rights I am standing up for every consumer in these United States that have been done wrong and then threatened by large corporations that often use corporate and legal bullying to squelch our rights as citizens of the united states. Whatever the outcome LOWE'S won't ever forget about the little guy in Statesboro Georgia that stood up for his rights as an American citizen, and took on the LOWE'S Companies single handedly.

I will make one last thing absolutely clear to LOWE's. Regardless of what you try to do legally or via harassment, etc. I am NOT going anywhere nor will I back off. I will also begin contacting every news media outlet in the US from top to bottom, left to right beginning on Monday, September 26, 2007 both via telephone and email. I can assure you this at some point is going to get national news media exposure it deserves. I am a man of my word, I suggest you take that to heart.

Seems someone at LOWE'S corporate is working weekend, I have seem LOWE'S IP addresses on www.lowes-sucks.com  yesterday evening and again this morning. The last visit was a few minutes ago.... 189 889 55.30 MB 23 Sep 2007 - 12:25

and 192 905 55.88 MB 23 Sep 2007 - 15:59

On the whole this weekend has been pleasant for us, my wife and I spent yesterday evening with friends at the movies and dinner. Today after church we are going to eat lunch and spend the day with out of town relatives. Maybe Monday will be more interesting. (LOL).

There is a lot of media interest in lowes-sucks.com and my issue, I have been looking through the LOWE'S Sucks website log files and have seen cbs.com, abc.com, Turner.com, timeinc.com, EMFbroadcasting.com, the BBC (among others) even the US department of Justice and US District Courts IP's in the website logs. I also have gotten a lot of email from Fox News, Gannet,  and others, I imagine from a media standpoint the next couple of weeks will be very interesting. I have also seen some big financial (online trading etc.) and financial brokers IP's in my web logs, as well as some huge corporation names (many of which are LOWE's product vendors).

This whole mess now goes further than just me and LOWE'S it involves the rights of every single American to express their opinions, criticisms, and thoughts online or anywhere else publicly without fear of prosecution or persecution from the government, large corporations or other individuals.


I encourage you to 'spread the word'. If you know anyone that does business with LOWE'S, share this site with them so that they don't fall into the same trap that I and many others have fallen into.

Hit LOWE'S where it hurts. Right in the wallet.

To help out in sending information about LOWE'S. and their activities, You can copy the text in the textbox below and paste it into an email and send it to everyone you know.

You can select the text in the window and copy it.
(Windows) select the text and click the CTRL key + C
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You can also select the text in the box and then right click on the selected text and choose copy, then paste it into a new email and send it to everyone!

If you don't tell others about LOWE'S then it is ON YOUR conscience. Don't let yourself, family, friends or associates be taken in by LOWE'S or their installation services.

If anyone from the press would like to talk to me you can call allen @ 912-489-9333
I encourage anyone that has been messed with like this by a company to
blog this article, share it, email it, (it's been dugg, search for it and vote on it)

Many thanks! Allen


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