George Schaller


George Schaller, an American zoologist, was born in 1933 in Berlin and moved to Missouri as a teen. He was a Research Associate at John's Hopkins University and then was a Research Zoologist for the New York Zoological Society, later he served as Director of the International Conservation Program for nine years. In 1973, he won The National Book award for his text on the Serengeti lion and in 1980 he won World Wildlife Fund gold medal

He is the author of the book The Mountain Gorilla: Ecology and Behavior, published in 1963. Little was known about the life of gorillas in the wild until the publication of this book. His work was followed by that of another American zoologist, Dian Fossey, who studied and lived among the mountain gorillas from 1963 until her death in 1985. George and Dian said the gorilla is a soft and very intelligent animal and their actions are very closely related to human actions. The way they show feelings, like joy and mischieviousness, are two ways we are similar. Dian followed the groundwork of Schaller in his methods of research of the mountain gorillas.

In the 20th century, George B. Schaller was known as the greatest naturalist. Schaller has been all over the world studying animals. He has written hundreds of magazine articles, and dozens of books, all about animals and why they do the things they do. His interests in wildlife began in his childhood; Schaller always had a curiosity and wonder about the natural world.

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By Candice Solheid