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Rune Tips is a RuneScape fan site and was originally founded by STEEL Corporation Inc. Dmonik, BlueRose13x, Lightning, Starlude, Xentia, Kibble, Rodrigo, DOC IRON 9, Sir Beachy, Stud6900, Hitman X and Silverion in 2001.

As a fan site, Rune Tips aims to provide guides, features and tools to help and aid RuneScape players in as many ways as possible. We also aim to keep these regularly up to date with the latest developments in RuneScape itself, and make sure any information provided on this site is accurate. In particular, Rune Tips aims to be the best resource for RuneScape information on the internet and to always provide quality content and features.

Along with our ever popular discussion boards, our community and site endeavor to make your stay a pleasant one. Our massive bestiary and quest database are extensive in their information, and extremely helpful to the beginner or even the most advanced RuneScape player. Our calculators are accurate, our guides are precise, and the whole site is maintained by a hard-working, active crew. As always, feedback from our users is appreciated - one can send in corrections, comments, or complaints by clicking here.

Rune Tips also supports players of ArenaScape, a text-based RuneScape fan game. Links to this game, discussion boards, and other helpful information can be found on the side menu.

Our Forums

Rune Tips also provides a forum for our users to discuss any issues pertaining to RuneScape or ArenaScape. Many other topics can also be discussed! The forums include one of the most popular Market Places, where you can buy or sell RuneScape items and find out up to date RuneScape prices. You can also discuss the most recent clan news on our clan boards - a board for recruiting members to your clan is also available. Media and graphics discussions are also supported on our forum.

Arenascape players will also like to take a look at our four Arenascape boards, giving one the best place to discuss Arenascape tactics and your latest wins! For those who don't play RuneScape nor Arenascape, do not fear! We have one of the most popular Off-Topic boards there is, where almost no subject is taboo! These are just a few of the features we have on our boards. The rest you will have to discover for yourself by registering on the forum.

As always, our first priority is our users' safety. The forum software will always be kept up to date. The forum also serves as the primary medium of communication between the Rune Tips staff and our community.

Our Chat

Rune Tips operates an IRC chat room which is always open. Come in to talk about RuneScape with other players, or just to have a conversation and get to know other people in the community. Talk is not limited to just RuneScape! Current events, gaming, websites, and lots more are discussed - the possibilities are endless!

To make things easier, we have a very nice chat client for you to use. Simply input a name and go! You will be instantly connected to our chat room. You can use this client, along with reading our rules, discovering how to go into our chat with other IRC clients, and more information, by clicking here.

Copyright Policy

As stated in the footer of every page on our website, Rune Tips reserves all rights and reproducing or copying any of our material is strictly not allowed. Please do not contact us asking to use our content on your site and giving credit to Tip.It, our content is for our site only and we will enforce our copyright policy to the word. We also operate a Privacy policy to protect our users. View it here.

Information submitted for publication on this website, either via the site or our forums, becomes the property of Rune Tips, and will be used as seen fit. When any contribution is submitted for publication on this website, whether it be text, graphics, or illustrations, you consent to the transfer and assignation of copyright of the submission to Rune Tips.

Linking to Us

We've had a number of requests from people and clan-sites for us to allow them to link to us... and we'd love for you to do so! In order to make this easier, we've whipped up a couple of images that you can use on your site to do this. We'll most likely be adding more in other sizes soon. If you want or need one of a different size to those shown here, please feel free to ask via the "Contact Us" link at the top of this page, and we'll see what we can do for you.

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