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Joe Talbot Signs for the Steelers

Its taken 2 summers but David Matsos but has finally signed the player he wanted to lead the Steelers quest for a championship as 27 year old right winger Joe Talbot was confirmed today

Matsos tried to bring the Canadian to Sheffield last year and persisted through this summer “I think we have a prize player here” said Matsos “every player and coach I spoke to who knew Joey said to me, do what you can to get him, he makes the difference, when you get recommendations like that it would be remiss not to act upon them”

”Joey is a first line player and a first line person, he has a winning pedigree, he thrives on the pressure on being the go to guy and comes to play every night, if we are to win a championship we need a Joe Talbot”

Talbot has spent the last 4 years in Alaska where he was won championships and impressed all with his goal scoring and team leadership, speaking from Canada Talbot confirmed his excitement about joining the Steelers “I am at a stage of my career where I needed to try something different, I had been in touch with Dave Matsos since last summer, he got me excited when he was talking about the club, the quest to win a championship and my role on the team”

”The Steelers have been building for this push for a year or two and it excites me to be a part of it, I also spoke with Steve Munn who is a former team mate of mine and decided that this was the place for me to play, then I convinced my wife and the deal was done”

Talbot says the pressure of being a first line player doesn’t worry him “I have been a first line guy for a couple of years, I enjoy that pressure, it makes you want to come to the rink every night and work hard and do your job. As a player I am a good all around guy, I like to think that I do everything well and contribute”

David Matsos has now just one place to fill on his roster for the 07-08 season “I am delighted how well we have recruited so far this summer, we have many new faces to add to the core group of guys we have brought back from last years team. I like bringing new guys in, they come in fresh with something to prove, I think we have the right balance of new and returning players.

”There is just the one slot left, I am in no rush to fill that space right now, in fact I have 10 weeks to fill it. If the right guy becomes available tomorrow then great, but if it takes time then I have all the time in the world”

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