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Ryan Finnerty Signs for the Steelers Once Agaian

Forward Ryan Finnerty confirmed he would be returning the Steelers line up next season and pledged to the fans "and this year we will win"

Finnerty was an instant hit with the Steelers fans after joining mid way through the year, in just 23 games he notched 11 goals and 21 points, coach David Matsos confirmed the signing by saying "its all starting to come together nicely, I am very pleased with how the team is looking, we just have to fine tune the last few signings and all being well we will have built a team that will challenge for the title

"When Ryan joined us last year we were not playing well and he helped turn our whole year around, he came to play every day and was a game breaker in many matches for us. I liked his work ethic, his determination and his point out put. In my own mind I still see him playing with Jonathan Phillips, the two played well together last season and if we can find the right guy to play with them then we will be on to a winner"

Speaking from his home in Canada Finnerty said "I am pleased we have agreed the deal and I am returning, after my time in Italy I was so happy to find a Country and a team I really enjoyed playing for. I loved the City and the Arena and felt at home in Sheffield, the fans made me feel welcome and we enjoyed some good nights together. Next season though is about enjoying a season and not a few nights, we have to be prepared and ready from night 1, with the team Matty is putting together we have to be prepared and ready to win a championship"

Matsos confirmed that the club have made various other offers to players both in Britain and North America "with every signing you make you then have to re-adjust for your next one, its like a jigsaw. Right now I am happy with how the pieces fit and the gaps that remain I know I can fill with the right players and people"

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