TNA Hardcore War results from the ECW Arena - 6/09/06
    Submitted by Matthew Tremley on Saturday, June 10, 2006 at 4:27 PM EST

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    Here is my report from the TNA Hardcore War at the ECW Arena last night (June 9, 2006)

    Show Start:

    I just got back from the TNA Hardcore War at the Former ECW Arena and it was fucking awesome! We got there about an hour and a half early so we went into the arena and I bought a shirt and stuff and then they played a bunch of Samoa Joe and TNA Knockout videos. Hat Guy arrived to a bunch of ECW chants and a few minutes later the show started.

    Shark Boy vs Simon Diamond

    First match of the night was Shark Boy vs Simon Diamond. Shark Boy got a huge pop and I flipped off Simon Diamond. Diamond got on the microphone and bitched about how the fans are stupid for being so loyal to ECW and then they turned their backs on us and closed down. The match was pretty decent when Simon was going for the Simon Series he got a bunch of Eddie chants. Shark Boy defeated Simon Diamond with the Deep Sea Drop.

    Jay Lethal vs Sonjay Dutt

    Jay Lethal vs Sonjay Dutt was up next. Jay Lethal got a lot of Lethal chants and some huge pops and Sonjay got a lot of CZW chants. The match was great a lot of counter moves and some high flying. Jay Lethal got the win with the dragon suplex.

    Abyss vs Spike Dudley

    Abyss vs Spike Dudley was the next match. There were a lot of weapons used in this match. Abyss put the chair on Spike and was going to splash him but Spike put the chair up right into his nuts. Abyss threw Spike into the crowd and they bodysurfed him around the arena (Bam Bam Bigelow and Spike Dudley in ECW). They wrestled around the ring and then Spike went into the crowd and pushed me and then Abyss came behind him and pushed me out of the way too he is fucking huge. They used a lot of chairs in the crowd and then later were back in the ring where Abyss pushed Spike's face into a bunch of thumbtacks on the mat and then later gave him the black hole slam on the thumbtacks for the win.

    Traci Brooks vs Gail Kim w/ Christy as the Special Ref

    In a TNA Knockouts match, Traci Brooks defated Gail Kim with special ref Christy Hemme. I don't know what happened because everyone was going fucking crazy after the Abyss vs Spike match.

    Rhino vs Jeff Jarrett

    The next match was Rhino vs Jeff Jarrett. They showed a promo video on Jeff Jarrett and then his music hit and he came out with his guitar. Jarrett went to one side of the stage and talked some trash to a fan and then walked down to the ring as all the fans sitting in my area were flipping him off. A lot of fuck you Jarrett chants but Jarrett ignored them and got on the mic and talked about ECW being a backyard fed and basically made fun of the building and he got a lot of shut the fuck up chants and the fans saying that they always welcome back an ECW wrestler and he said they will have one more chance to do it and Rhino came out. Rhino got on the mic and said he won't be wasting his time talking when fans started chanting you screwed Bret at Earl Hebner. Earl got on the mic and said he doesn't give a shit. We started chanting you got fired when Rhino got on the mic and said I got fired too, and the same motherfucker that fired me last year wants me back this year. The match finally started. This was a pretty hardccore match with a lot of power moves and wasn't really fast pace just like a normal match. There were some chairs used, Jarrett tired to hit Rhino with the guitar but Rhino gored him for the win.

    Rhino got on the mic and picked up the guitar and someone yelled play the guitar and Rhino yelled back "I'll play it over your head if you don't shut the fuck up." There was a big pop for that and he said he doesn't know what to do, go wrestle for ECW or stay in TNA. The crowd was surprisingly half and half. Some wanted him to go to ECW and he said he loves Paul E and Tommy Dreamer for everything they have done for him but he decided to stay in TNA.

    There was a 15 minute intermission where they played a lot of music and cleaned up the ring to sweep it up asshole chants and showed some more promo videos.

    Jerry Lynn vs Petey Williams

    We are back from the intermission and Jerry Lynn vs Petey Williams is next. A lot of back and forth chants in this match. Petey came out to a lot of boo's but the crowd started to get into him later. Jerry Lynn got a welcome back chant. The match started off with some good wrestling and a lot of counter moves and then a counter for that counter. The match was pretty fast pace, Petey had Lynn in the tree of woe but then took him off because the fans were cheering and then got a what the fuck chant from a section of the crowd. Jerry Lynn got up and put Petey in the tree of woe and then put his boot right to his nuts and everyone sang the national anthem. Petey went for the Canadian Destroyer but it was countered by Lynn and then that was countered by Petey into a pin and then Lynn countered into a pin of his own and back and forth and then Petey hit the Canadian Destroyer to a huge pop with everyone on their feet and he got the win. After Jerry Lynn got on the microphone and thanked everyone for supporting him and staying behind him longer than other companies have.

    Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels – TNA X-Division Title

    The next match was one of the best of the night. Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels for the X-Division Championship. Before Joe came out Daniels got on the mic and talked about how him and AJ were tag team partners but tonight they were going for the title. Starting off with a lot of Joe chants he got the loudest pop of the night. Joe got out of the ring and let AJ and Daniels go at it for a little while and when they were doing their counters AJ went off the ropes and Joe tripped him and then got in the ring. AJ went after Joe and got a loud chop and then blocked a dropkick from AJ. At one point AJ, Joe, and Daniels were going at it and they all did a flip move on each other and I think AJ was on the bottom with Joe in the middle and Daniels was the first to get up. Joe did a dive through the middle rope to the outside followed by AJ doing his backflip over the top rope to a holy shit chant. They were on the turnbuckle at one point and Joe tried to do a muscle buster on AJ but Daniels hit Joe. Joe also did a double DDT to both Daniels and AJ. A lot of high spots from all three wrestlers but Samoa Joe came out on top when AJ Styles tapped out to Joe's choke sleeper. This match got a great reception and Joe still got the loudest pop.

    AMW vs James Gang vs Team 3D vs Daniels and Styles (Only for a few minutes)

    After Samoa Joe left AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels were in the ring when the music for America's Most Wanted hit and they ran out and beat up Daniels and Styles. AMW got on the mic and talked about how the arena was a bingo hall and how ECW was a backyard fed when they challenged any team and the lights went out. Everyone thought it was going to be Team 3D but when the lights came back on The James Gang was standing in the ring which got a lot of boo's. They got on the mic and talked about Team 3D also when AMW got a bunch of Brokeback Mountain chants. Brother Ray and D-Von came on the screen and cut a promo on how neither two teams should be in the arena and how they couldn't hang with the fans in the ECW Arena, Bubba also said that he and D-Von were not in Philadelphia. Bubba then told James Gang and AMW to turn around and Thunderkiss '65 by White Zombie hit the arena and Team 3D came through the front door of the arena. They made their way through the crowd and then Bubba got on the mic and made fun of them calling AMW brokeback mountain and then Hat Guy started yelling at the two teams and they kept calling him out when Bubba walked over to him and put his hat on and then said "I would like everyone to meet my brother, Hat Guy Dudley" which got a huge pop from the crowd and a lot of ECW chants.

    After the talking was done we had a brawl between The James Gang, Team 3D, and AMW started and Daniels and AJ jumped in as well. This was a very hardcore match and most of it took place in the crowd. Bubba Ray and Kip James were over on the other side of the arena so I couldn't see with all the people around the area but D-Von came over just about 2 feet away and him and BG James brawled in the crowd right next to me. When they were on the ramp D-Von and BG James used my chair on eachother and BG used it to smash D-Von's arm against the ramp. BG was talking trash to D-Von asking him if he had a broken arm or not. The match was all hell and none of it really took place in the ring. A lot of fire chants but that never happened. We fast forward to where the fight is taking place in the ring and Bubba calls for a fan to throw his chair but ends up getting the whole crowd throwing chairs into the ring.

    Bubba Ray got back on the mic and said the winners of the match were Team 3D to a bunch of TNA and ECW chants. Bubba Ray and D-Von cut a long promo saying thank you to the fans, a fan was also trying to get in the ring and Bubba told security to let him go but it never happened. Bubba noted that this was the second time he was in the ECW Arena again and that this time was better than the first time (Hardcore Homecoming: November Reign). Bubba called back out Daniels and AJ and they came out and talked about how ECW was a family and not just a locker room and then said TNA was a family also and not just a locker room. Spike Dudley came out and said Vince sent him a contract to appear for one night only in ECW and he asked what should he do. He asked if he should sell his soul to the devil or stay in TNA and he got a lot of TNA chants. He pulled out the WWE contract and ripped it up right in the ring, Spike also commented before he ripped the contract that Vince and Paul E could kiss his ass because he is staying in TNA. After an emotional promo everyone left the ring and the show ended.


    So overall I would probably give the show a 10/10 because that was a fucking great show. The arena I think was sold out, the only flaw was when the people who paid for the cheap seats tried to run up in front of you but no one let them do it so that was good. A lot of Fuck you Jarrett, Fuck you Vince, ECW, TNA, Dudley, and a lot of other chants. A great show and I hope TNA comes back soon because I would go to it again.

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