WWE Raw Results: 9/15/03 - The return of a Diva; Triple H throws party for Goldberg
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    WWE RAW - 9/15/03

    Held in Columbia, South Carolina
    Announcing: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    Raw kicked off with backstage where Eric Bischoff stopped Triple H to tell him his money was on him in the title vs. career match at Unforgiven. H told Bischoff he wanted to make Goldberg's last night on Raw a special one and said he had a going-away party planned.

    In the ring, Chris Jericho and Christian were protesting. They walked around carrying signs calling for the firing of Steve Austin. Jericho complained about being attacked last week and Christian whined about not having a match at SummerSlam nor having one set for Unforgiven. Steve Austin hit the ring and told Jericho he deliberately provoked him last week. He said the two were holding up the show and then told Christian to quit his bitching because he had something set for him at Unforgiven. Austin informed the Intercontinental champ that his title would be on the line at the PPV but didn't say against who. Jericho stepped in and said he wanted a match as well. Austin told Jericho he could have the Intercontinental title shot if he beat Rob Van Dam in a match to determine the number one contender. Before Van Dam came out, Austin tried to get Christian and Jericho to provoke him but neither one went after him. RVD walked out and Christian went after him but was dropped with a spinning heel kick and the match was on.

    Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam ended in a no-DQ. RVD looked good a week after being slapped around like a red-headed stepchild in the cage. Both men had a few nearfalls but the ref went down when Jericho dodged a kick from RVD who came off the ropes. Christian jumped in the ring and went after RVD with his title belt but RVD ducked it and Jericho got clocked instead. Christian then popped RVD with the belt as the ref came to and called for the bell. Austin walked back out and told Christian he thought he outsmarted him by punking out both men but said Christian would take on both RVD and Y2J in a Triple Threat match at the PPV.

    Clips of big Goldberg moments dubbed, "Believe the Hype" would be shown throughout the night. The clips showed his first WCW title win over Hogan, another match in which he hit the Jackhammer on the then Giant (Big Show) and also a spear on The Rock from earlier this year.

    Rob Conway (with La Resistance) defeated Spike Dudley (with Bubba Ray & D-Von). Footage was shown last week of the wicked bump Spike took in which Grenier and Dupree misjudged in dropping Spike through a table which led to Spike cracking the back of his head before slamming to the floor. Bubba Ray and D-Von chased La Resistance off through the crowd as Conway made short work of the injured Spike. After the match, Conway leveled Spike with a powerbomb through a table. The Dudleyz came back to the ring but it was too late.

    Backstage, Bischoff gathered with Al Snow and Jonathan Coachman who promised that same devastation when they take on Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler at the PPV. Snow and Coach mentioned some sort of plan and Bischoff said the wheels were in motion on that. Just Tought Enough to be a Production Assistant Jessie stepped in to deliver a note to Bischoff which informed him that two half-naked ladies were waiting for him in his office.

    After the break, Bischoff entered his office to find the Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young. Moolah informed Bischoff that it was her 80th birthday and and she wanted a match in her hometown. Bischoff refused but Austin entered the picture and said he had already approved of a match for Moolah. He prompted Bischoff to give her a good luck kiss which in turn prompted Mae to lay a kiss on Bischoff.

    The Fabulous Moolah (with Mae Young) defeated Victoria. Moolah received a nice ovation from her hometown and was then attacked by Victoria who also went after Young on the outside. Moolah then rolled up Victoria for a quick win. After the match, Victoria assaulted both old timers until Randy Orton came down to break it up. Orton told Victoria that Moolah didn't deserve such treatment on her 80th birthday. Orton helped Moolah to her feet as he called her a legend and then introduced himself as, "Randy Orton, Legend Killer" and proceed to drop Moolah with an RKO.

    Rodney Mack & Mark Henry (with Theodore Long) defeated Lance Storm & Goldust. Storm came out to new music and jumped/danced his way down to the ring. The match itself was longer than the three previous matches but as it was rolling, Henry scored a quick pin on Goldust.

    Backstage, Ric Flair and Triple H were gearing up for the going-away party as Orton told them he'd join them in about ten minutes.

    Orton then ran into Shawn Michaels and began to brag about his previous actions. Michaels mentioned how he saw a lot of himself in Orton but then decked him in the chin to take him down a few notches.

    After the break, The Hurricane was trying to teach Rosey how to fly but the big guy couldn't get the hang of it. Rosey called a cab with his cell phone after giving his name as, "Rosey, the S.H.I.T.," he was hung up on.

    Meanwhile, Terri had a few words with Gail Kim and Molly Holly about their upcoming handicap match with Trish Stratus.

    In the ring, Eric Bischoff came out to oversee the match contract signing between Shane McMahon and Kane. Bischoff said the two would also be signing release forms since he didn't want to be responsible for anything that might happen in the Last Man Standing match between the two. Kane walked out and didn't take any time in putting his name on the dotted line. Shane McMahon followed and vowed that as long as he was breathing, he'd be the last man standing. Shane signed and then Kane got a little upset and decided to dump over the table that was in the ring. Shane began backing away but Kane took his eyes off him for just a second and Shane was all over him. Shane decked Kane between the legs three times and then the two fell to the outside where Shane labelled Kane with a chair. Kane then fell onto the Spanish announce table as Shane went up to the top rope and soon came flying off with an elbow which sent both men crashing through the table. Shane brought himself to his feet and began to limp his way up the ramp as Kane sat up and the two locked eyes as the show went to commercial.

    Gail Kim & Molly Holly defeated Trish Stratus in a handicap match. Trish had a quick start but Kim and Molly used the quick tags to gain control of the match. After a submission hold, Trish made somewhat of a comeback after hitting a spinebuster on Molly but the heel team continued the tandem offense and eventually won the match after a Molly-Go-Round. After the match, the two kept up the attack on Trish and dropped her with another DDT. Molly then brought a couple of chairs into the ring and the two layed out Trish on one and then Molly went up top while Kim held a chair in front of Trish's face but before the plan could unfold, a returning Lita hit the ring and began to clean house. Lita dropped Kim with a nice powerbomb and then tore off her shirt (woo hoo) before dropping Molly with a Twist of Fate.

    After the break, Molly and Kim were complaining to Bischoff about Lita attacking them. Bischoff explained he had fired her months ago but Austin intervened and said he had rehired her. He then told Kim and Molly that they would be taking on Lita and Trish at the PPV.

    In the arena, Jonathan Coachman came out to the Oklahoma fight song and wore a hat in a mockery of JR. The King's music then hit and out walked Al Snow donning a paper Burger King crown and some goofy looking "King" threads. Snow and Coach went over to the decimated Spanish announce table and said they wanted to give everyone a preview of what things would be like next Monday. The two were confident that they were going to beat JR and King to take over as the Raw announce team and we saw that JR and King's headsets were shut off.

    Val Venis defeated Test (with Stacy Keibler). Keibler was bullied by Test which led to her cheering for Venis during the match. Test set up Venis for the pumphandle slam but Keibler jumped in to distract him. Scott Steiner then walked out to watch the match and Stacy again got herself involved by crotching Test on the top turnbuckle. That was enough for Venis to get the win.

    Lawler then challenged either Snow or Coach to a match and the two accepted.

    Jerry "The King" Lawler defeated Al Snow. Short match which saw most of Lawler's signature moves. Coach joined Ross to commentate on the match and the two bickered back and forth throughout. Snow controlled for a short period but King was able to get the win with a rollup. Up at the announce table, JR applauded King's victory but Coach decked him from behind and left him dropped across the announce table.

    After the break, JR said he saw Coach's cheapshot as more motivation to whip his ass and keep his job on Sunday.

    Backstage, Evolution were heading out to the ring for the little shindig but Austin convinced Triple H that he could handle it alone.

    Triple H hit the ring where a stand held up a gift, assumingly for Goldberg. H was "on" on the mic tonight. He had a good spiel and wanted the crowd to chant for Goldberg because he figured it would be the last time they would get to do so. Balloons and confetti fell from the rafters as H tried to get the party started. H talked himself up and then the mic went out in a slightly humorous moment. H was handed a wired mic and said, "I didn't know Goldberg made microphones, those don't work either." H unvieled Goldberg's "gift" which was a big picture of a bloodied Goldberg being held back by Orton and Flair as Triple H taunted him with the World title. H said that wasn't good enough so he showed footage of himself absolutely labelling Goldberg with a chairshot last week. H wanted to see more footage but Goldberg appeared on the TitanTron and said Triple H was about to have his own special moment right now. Goldberg marched to the ring and after ducking a shot from Triple H, pressed the champ over his head and dropped him with a powerslam. Triple H rolled out of the ring and dragged himself up the ramp as Goldberg promised to win the title on Sunday.

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