Nearly 700 same-sex couples to 'tie the knot' on December 21

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Publisher:  Jon Land
Published: 16/12/2005 - 15:20:52 PM
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Nearly 700 same-sex couples across England and Wales plan to 'tie the knot' in Civil Partnerships on December 21, it was revealed today (December 16).

According to General Register Office figures, Westminster will see the highest number of ceremonies on the day with 20 (all male) followed by Hampshire, Hammersmith and Fulham and Brighton and Hove.

The Civil Partnership Act came into force on December 5 2005, the first day gay couples could give notice of their intention to form a Civil Partnership.

The Act enables same-sex couples to obtain legal recognition of their relationship and couples who register a civil partnership will have a new legal status, that of "civil partner".

The following register offices are expected to hold 10 or more ceremonies on December 21:

Westminster: 20 (all male); Hampshire: 18  (9 male, 9 female); Hammersmith & Fulham: 17 (13 male, 4 female); Brighton & Hove: 15 (12 male, 3 female); Hertfordshire: 15 (10 male, 5 female); West Sussex: 15 (14 male, 1 female); Cornwall: 14 (8 male, 6 female); Richmond: 14 (all male); Suffolk: 14 (10 male, 4 female); Devon: 12 (7 male, 5 female); Kent: 12 (6 male, 6 female); Worcestershire: 12 (4 male, 8 female); Oxfordshire: 11 (6 male, 5 female); Essex: 10 (8 male, 2 female); Kensington & Chelsea: 10 (9 male, 1 female); Warwickshire: 10 (6 male, 4 female).

All other Registration Authorities in England and Wales have fewer than ten Civil Partnerships planned for the day. Save To    StumbleUpon Toolbar Stumble It!    Newsvine LogoSeed Newsvine


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