Saint Ignatius High School

    In the beginning, Saint Ignatius College was housed in a temporary, two-story frame structure located on West 30th and Jersey St. (Carroll Avenue).  Later a five-story, red brick and stone building was built to provide living quarters for the Jesuit faculty; and a five-story classroom wing, featuring a beautiful 159-foot-tall tower, was completed in 1891.  Brother Frederick Wipfler, S.J., a Dutch Jesuit architect, used the metric system in designing this impressive, North German Gothic structure with sturdy walls four tiers thick, modeled after Jesuit schools in Germany, Holland, and Denmark.  In 1974 the building was designated as Cleveland Landmark No. 59.

        The school campus has been expanded to sixteen acres with thirteen buildings; much renovation has taken place, and new wings and buildings have been added. Construction has included:

Carroll Gym - 1913
Power house and Garage - 1947
Father Sullivan, S.J., Gymnasium - 1956
Loyola Hall - 1961
Student Center - 1963
Science Building including Student Chapel  -1969
Wasmer Track - 1979
Harold C. Schott Library - 1985;
Aranka Fabian Wing - 1992;
Murphy Field House - 1993;
Victor F. Miller Fine Arts Department - 1993; 
Litzler English Wing - 1994 
Filipino-American Wing of the English Department - 1994
Wirtz Pavilion - 1995;
Rini Concourse - 1996
Castele Modern Language Wing - 1996
Kyle Field - 1998
St. Mary of the Assumption Chapel - 1998
Clavius Science Center - 2001
Sullivan Atrium - 2001
Castele Conference Room - 2001
Durkin Room - 2001
O’Donnell Athletic Complex - 2001