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  Labor Minister presided over May Day in Hong Kong

                Mr.Sora-at Klinpratum, Labor Minister, presided over the opening ceremony on May Day in Hong Kong to give his support to Thai workers and opening for the lecture program on Hong Kong labor Law while officials from Ministry of Education (Thailand) were invited to give lecture on how to strengthen physical and mental health in this event.
                Mr. Sora-at Klinpratum, labor Minister and his team left Thailand by TG flight 606 on May 6,2005. On his schedule, he visited Thai workers at half-way home, met up with Thai-Hong Kong recruitment companies and top executives of Hong Kong on May 7,2005. In the following day, he presided over the opening ceremony on May Day at Cheewan Theater in Kaoloon to give his moral support for Thai workers.
                In this event, there were lots of interesting activities, such as awarding outstanding establishments in helping Thai workers, lecturing on Hong Kong labor laws and on how to strengthen physical and mental health, singing contest, talks, games and performances.  The labor minister and his team returned to Thailand at 10.25 p.m. at the same day.  
                The objectives of having visited Hong Kong of the minister were to have bilateral discussion on labor policies, such as employment and foreign recruitment, and created opportunity for private sectors to propose their recommendations to the government of the two countries.
                 Most of Thai workers in Hong Kong were housemaids, cleaners, waiters/waitresses, hairdressers, bank officers. Some of them had Chinese citizens by working In Hong Kong for several years or getting marriage with native citizens.


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