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  Employers in Hong Kong Bears Levy Tax

            Mr. Thapabutr Jamasevi  Deputy Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Labor (MoL) said the Office of Thai Labor in Hong Kong reported Hong Kong reduced the wages of foreign housemaids, commencing on 1 April 2005 onwards, from HKD 3,670 to HKD 3,270. The review of the wages has been done annually to suit Hong Kong economy. Employers are responsible for retraining Levy according to the laws related to alien worker employment. Therefore, Employers hiring foreign housemaids have to pay HKD 9,600 (or HKD 2,400 for six-month installments) for the tax. Formerly, some of housemaids understood they have to bear this responsibility.
             Hence , MoL would like to inform Thai workers in Hong Kong of employers� responsibility for levy tax. They have to be paid a salary of not less than HKD 3,270 net according to the employment contract. If having any inquiry, please contact Office of Thai Labor in Hong Kong, Tel. 25450086, 2845096, 2530243.

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