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Exam body agrees to omit 'Martian' from college exam
The College Entrance Examination Center on Thursday announced that the languages of youth subculture, such as "Martian" -- a common slang found in computer chat rooms -- would not appear on future college entrance examination tests.

Some questions regarding Martian on this year's test caused a stir and criticism from parents of test-takers.

Martian, known as "huo xing wen," is a kind of computer chat room language used by young computer users rather than the regular language taught in schools.

The spokesman for the center, Li Zhong-yuan said that after two successive meetings, the center affirmed that the teachers who formulated the Martian questions for this year's test, had given much thought to the matter and in a bid to avoid disputes, the slang terminology would not be included in some of the questions on tests.

Source:Taiwan News (2006-03-03 15:44:06.64)

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-- July 24, 2006 --
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