Roy of the Rovers by Gremlin Graphics

Synopsis: News Flash! Four of the Melchester Rovers five-a-side football team have been kidnapped...hours before a crucial fund-raising game to save their ground from grasping property developers. Time is running out and player manager Roy Race MUST rescue his team mates, dodging danger, escaping ambushes and booby traps in order to play the most important game of his career!


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About Roy of the Rovers

Released: 1988

Publishers/Developers : Gremlin Graphics , System Applied Technology

Genre: adventure

Musician(s): System Applied Technology

Graphics and Production: System Applied Technology

Number of Players :

Controls :
Keyboard or Joystick

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Official Awards Won

Amstrad action rated this game: 74%

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Roy of the Rovers</a> for the ZX Spectrum (WoS) Roy of the Rovers</a> for the Commodore 64 (Lemon64) None available for the Amiga None available for the MSX

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"Intresting, but poor. - 2/10 - Patrick Furlong - " (more)

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