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The Herzl Award

January 6, 2005
The Department for Zionist Activities is pleased to announce the recipients of the Herzl Award.

Recipients 2004:

United States: Brian Sacks; Elana Yael Heideman; David Borowich; Moises Salinas
Australia: Dr. Ron Weiser
South Africa: Errol Anstey
Denmark: Simon Boysen
Hungary: Dr. Attila Novak
India: Raphael (Ralphy) Ezekiel Jhirad
Argentina: Susana Edith Gelber
Mexico: Meny Samra Cohen; Marcos Metta Cohen         
Belgium: Francis Weitz 

Recipients 2005:

United Kingdom: David Collins, Steven Elstein, Jonathan Hantman

Venezuela: Elías Farache

South Africa: Avrom Krengel

Canada: Gabriel Martell

Russia: Evgeny Maryanchik

Denmark: Dalia Melchior

Mexico: Enrique Olsoff

Argentina: Damian Szvalb

Uruguay: Gerardo Stuczynski


Herzl's life lasted a scant 44 years, and he dedicated only the last nine of them to the Zionist cause. But in this brief and extraordinary span of less than a decade he was able to mobilize the forces and craft the infrastructure that would revolutionize the Jewish world and bring about the realization of the Jewish people’s age-old dream of returning to Zion.
Now, on the centennial anniversary of Herzl’s passing, the Department for Zionist Activities of the World Zionist Organization is inaugurating the Herzl Award, to be bestowed annually upon outstanding young men and women in recognition of their exceptional volunteer efforts on behalf of Israel and the Zionist cause.

• Candidates are nominated by Zionist Federations around the world for achievement in one or more of several fields:
o encouraging aliyah
o promoting Zionist education (formal or informal)
o fostering the study of Hebrew
o advocating on behalf of Israel 
o furthering the development of Israel as an exemplary society
o contributing to the advancement of Zionist thought
o organizing on behalf of the Zionist movement

• Nominees must be no older than 44, Herzl’s age at the time of his death.

• All Herzl Award recipients will receive a distinctive certificate and trophy, as well as being inscribed in a special Herzl album in Jerusalem.


The Herzl Award: an original bronze sculpture by Michael Katz
The Herzl Award: an original bronze sculpture by Michael Katz


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