Title: Kiki Kaikai / Knight Boy

Manufacturer: Taito

Year: 1986


Main Processors: Z80 x 2 (8-bit, 6 MHz)

Sound Hardware: M68705 (MCU, 2 MHz); YM2203 (3 MHz)



A vertical scrolling shoot 'em up in the Commando style.


Playing Tips

by Tormod Tjaberg

Wave a flag at a lamp post with a red orb inside it and you will get a powerup.

There are several types of letters or messages (I don't know the correct term for the missiles she shoots):
White - increase range
Red - increse firepower
Yellow - big letters

You can also pick up "eggs" along the way. These eggs are activated by hitting fire & flag at the same time.

Blue - freezes all monsters for a given period of time, also those off screen.
Yellow - kill everything on screen.

The "gremlins" don't kill you but they slow you down. You can lose them by running around a lamppost.


Emulation Status

Emulators: MAME; RAINE

Playable: Yes

Sound: Yes

Benchmark System: Intel Celeron - 433 MHz; S3 GX2 4 Mb AGP Videocard; Soundblaster 16; Win98; MAMEi686 v0.37b1

Benchmark Results: 60 fps with triple buffer on, vsync off, no frameskip; full screen interlaced mode



Screenshots from Arcadiabay

kikikai-07.jpg (21255 bytes) kikikai-08.jpg (32942 bytes)

Screenshots from the MAME and RAINE emulators

kikikai-03.png (4797 bytes) kikikai-01.png (3048 bytes) kikikai-04.png (4990 bytes)

kikikai-05.png (6446 bytes) kikikai-02.png (3803 bytes) kikikai-06.png (5729 bytes)

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