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Australian Aces in the RFC / RNAS / RAF


    Captain Robert A. Little1W, 8(N)RNAS, 203 RAF47
    Major Roderic S. Dallas1W, 1(N)RNAS, 40 RAF32
    Captain Alexander A.N.D. Pentland16, 19, 29, 87 RFC23
    Flight Lieutenant Richard P. Minifie1W, 1(N)RNAS21
    Captain Edgar C. Johnston24, 88 RFC20
    Captain Andrew K. Cowper24 RFC19
    Captain Cedric E. Howell45 RFC19
    Major Fred P. Holliday48 RFC17
    Captain Allan Hepburn24, 40, 88 RFC16
    Lieutenant John R. Gordon62 RFC15*
    Major Arthur Conningham32, 92 RFC14
    Captain Harold A. Hammersley60 RFC13
    Captain Eric J. Stephens41 RFC13
    Captain Raymond J. Brownell45 RFC 12
    Lieutenant Cecil R. Richards20 RFC12
    Captain Geoffrey H. Hooper11, 20 RFC11
    Captain Geoffrey F. Hughes62 RFC11
    Captain Herbert J. Larkin5, 65, 87 RFC11
    Major Stanley J. Goble1W, 5(N), 8(N)RNAS, 205 RAF10
    Captain Alfred S. Shepherd29 RFC10
    Captain Arthur T. Drinkwater40, 57 RFC9
    Captain Clive A. Brewster-Joske1, 46 RFC8
    Lieutenant Walter I.N. Grant88 RFC7*
    Captain Lancelot L. Richardson25 RFC7
    Captain George H.D. Gossip4(N)RNAS , 204 RAF6
    Lieutenant George A. Lingham 43 RFC6
    Captain Harry A. Rigby1, 40 RFC6
    Lieutenant Claud R.J. Thompson19 RFC6
    Captain Sydney Dalrymple24, 27 RFC, 139 RAF5**
    Captain Herbert J. Edwards32, 92 RFC5
    2nd Lieutenant Graham C. Young 60 RFC5

New Zealand Aces in the RFC / RNAS / RAF


    Major Keith L. Caldwell8 , 60 , 74 RFC25
    Major Keith R. Park48 RFC20
    Captain Ronald B. Bannerman79 RFC17
    Captain Clive F. Collett70 RFC11
    Captain Harold F. Beamish3(N) RNAS , 203 RAF11
    Captain Malcolm C. McGregor51 , 85 , 91 RFC11
    Lieutenant Frederick S. Gordon 74 RFC9
    Captain Herbert F.S. Drewitt23 , 79 RFC7
    Flight Lieutenant Thomas G. Culling1(N) RNAS6
    Captain Foster H.M. Maynard1(N) RNAS6
    Lieutenant Colonel Alan J.L. Scott43,60 RFC5

    * Denotes observer ace

    ** Denotes added to the Australian Pilots listing from research done by Russell Guest which was posted to forum.

    The data for the Australian and New Zealand Aces was taken from "Above The Trenches".