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The College has six Houses and all R-12 students and staff take active part in House activities. The House system offers many opportunities for leadership training and participation. Compulsory public speaking and a strong drama and debating programme encourage the development of confidence and speaking skills.  A House Patron guides the House activities throughout the year. The Houses are named after women and men who have made an outstanding contribution to the life of the College.


Rev. Dr John Kinross (1833-1908) was a Presbyterian minister at Kiama, 1858-1875. He then became principal of St Andrew's Theological College in the University of Sydney from 1875 until 1901. He was Chairman of PLC Council from 1888 when the school opened until 1906.



Rev. Dr Andrew Harper (1844-1936) was the third Principal of PLC Melbourne from 1879 until 1888. He then lectured at Ormond Theological College, Melbourne before coming to Sydney where he was Principal of St Andrew's Theological College in the University of Sydney from 1902 until 1923. He was Chairman of PLC Council from 1907 until 1913. He retired to Scotland.


Rev. John Ferguson (1852-1925) came from Invercargill, New Zealand, to be minister of St Stephen's Sydney. He was the Acting Principal of St Andrew's Theological College in the University of Sydney in 1917 during Dr Harper's absence overseas. Subsequently, he was appointed Senior Chaplain and became Chairman of PLC Council in 1913, and served in this role until 1923.


Mrs E O Anderson (Gertrude Dunlop) (1885-1985) was the daughter of John S Dunlop (member of the Council 1902-1912) and attended PLC from 1898 to 1902. She was a foundation member of the Committee of the Ex-Students' Union in 1906. From 1927 until 1932, she served as President, then as Vice-President or Patroness from 1936. In 1932 she petitioned the Assembly for the regular appointment of women members to the PLC Council. Mrs Anderson was a member of the PLC Council, serving from 1932 to 1958. She was a generous benefactor to the College all her life.


Dr Helen Wilkie (1895-1984), Principal of PLC Sydney from 1942 to 1946, came from Edinburgh in 1937 to be Headmistress at PLC Armidale. On her appointment to Croydon she was almost immediately confronted with the College's takeover by the RAAF and organised the move of the college to several houses at Strathfield.


Miss Marion Pickard was appointed to the College at Ashfield in June 1888 as a resident teaching governess. She became Lady Superintendent in 1894 and continued until her resignation in 1907. In 1905 she was elected first president of the Ex-Students' Union.