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 Thursday, September 27
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15 Years Ago
The Irish Emigrant - May 15, 1988


May 15, 1988 THE IRISH EMIGRANT Issue No.67


Editor: Liam Ferrie Circulation: 284


(advertising feature)


The Galway Chamber of Commerce and Industry has organised a trade show at the World Trade Centre in Boston. The following companies and organisations are participating:

Bank of Ireland

Clo Iar-Chonnachta (Irish publications)

Cafferky, Paddy (Irish Harp Makers)

Coma Ltd (Irish Smoked Salmon)

Connolly Sports (Leisure wear)

Design Sources Ireland

Faller Jewellers

Hartmann Jewellers

Galway City Hall

Galway Bay Cottages

Galway Gold Jewellers

Industrial Development Authority

Irish Permanent Building Society

Irish Salmon Producers Group

Inis Oirr Co-operative (Investment)

Kennys Book Shop and Art Gallery

O'Maille's (Irish Knitwear)

Standun (Irish Knitwear)

Ireland West Tourism

Treasure Chest (Irish Gifts)

Udaras na Gaeltachta (State Inv. and Dev. Group)

University College Galway

Walsh, Peter (Construction)

Woodland Investment (Afforestation)

The aims of the exhibition are to promote Galway as an industrial base for Massachusetts companies and to obtain orders for local companies. This should not stop each and everyone of you from attending as most of the exhibitors will be bringing their wares with them and are quite prepared to sell individual items.

While Digital does not have a stand they will be featured on the IDA exhibit. The intention is that representatives of North American companies operating in Galway will be present on the IDA stand to advise industrialists who are considering Galway as a base. Sam McGuinness is one of those representing Digital and that should be incentive enough for you to come along.

I have to bring to your attention the fact that my next-door neighbour is one of the exhibitors. Joe Connolly (yes, the same Joe who captained the Galway Hurling team to their 1980 All Ireland victory) will be delighted to sell you an attractive sweater with a specially designed Boston-Galway or Boston-Ireland logo on it. He also does a nice line in rugby style leisure shirts, some with a tasteful "Ireland" logo on them. If you need a hurley he can supply that too but if you intend buying enough for a full team you had better let me know as he is only bringing a few samples. Be sure and tell him I sent you along.

The exhibition is at the World Trade Centre, Commonwealth Pier, Boston. It opens on Wednesday, May 26 at noon. It continues on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday starting at 10:00am each day. It closes every night at 7:00pm.

You will be hearing more about this event next week as I feel it is my duty to help in making it a big success and I have heard about the high level of discretionary spending enjoyed by people on U.S. incomes!


This afternoon three men died when attacked by Protestant gunmen in a Belfast pub. Two gunmen knocked on the door of the Avenue Bar which is frequented by Catholics. When it was opened they started firing at the patrons. Ten others were injured and eight are still in hospital.

The Protestant Action Force said they were responsible. According to the BBC, the PAF is part of the Ulster Defence Association.


It was announced on Friday that Ireland and Britain had reached agreement over the processing of British extradition warrants in this country. This followed a secret visit of the British Attorney General to his Irish counterpart on Tuesday. A row has been going on since last December when new legislation introduced here was objected to by Britain.

No sooner was the agreement announced than there was a further difference of opinion between the two Governments. The British statement said that consensus was reached when the Irish changed their position. The Irish Government quickly followed this with a statement saying that there had been no modification in the Irish stance.


Last Sunday about 46 anglers from the North and Dublin went out on Loch Conn for a trout angling competition. About 130 protesters from Mayo and surrounding counties stood by in protest.

There was a confrontation between trout anglers and water bailiffs in Co.Monaghan. The two bailiffs withdrew when the anglers threatened to throw them into the water. The bailiffs had attempted to confiscate the anglers gear.

The tyres on a car owned by French anglers were slashed while they were out on Lough Key, Co.Roscommon. A spokesman for the protesting anglers strongly criticised this action and hoped that the culprits would be caught and severely dealt with. (That came from the Times but I thought I heard the same story in relation to Lough Corrib).

Reports that fishing had ceased on all Western lakes have been described as malicious by the North Western Fisheries Board. A spokesman for the board said that two of the three angling associations on Lough Conn had dissociated themselves from the protests and their members were carrying on angling as normal.

Kevin Myers, who writes "An Irishman's Diary" in the Times was quite critical of the Government in his column a week or two ago. This week he has been to the west and seems to have changed sides. He is concerned about the amount of intimidation that is taking place and finds the anglers' arguments irrational.

Monday's Times reported that "a hatch of mayfly is already up over the waters of Lough Carra and about to start on the northern reaches of Lough Corrib"


The British seamen's strike continued to cause serious difficulties for Irish exporters until Friday. B+I were unable to fill the gap created by the lack of Sealink services. By Wednesday some trucks had been waiting around the Dublin docks for ten days. The problem was exacerbated for a while as a B+I crew refused to sail with containers belonging to P & O Ferries, the company at the heart of the strike.

On Wednesday, Belfast Ferries, who operate the Belfast/Liverpool service, fired the entire crew of one of their ships for refusing to sail.

On Thursday the British Seamen's Union decided to restrict their action to P & O Ferries operating from Dover. Sealink sailings between this country and the U.K. actually started on Thursday when crew members on the Dun Laoghaire-Holyhead route decided to go back to work. Most services between this country and Britain are now back to normal.


The Taoiseach ordered that no work be started on the proposed Dun Laoghaire marina. This came after he met a group from Dun Laoghaire led by John de Courcy Ireland, who commands widespread respect throughout the country, particularly in matters relating to the sea. The delay is to allow local interest groups to examine the proposals. The developers have welcomed this move claiming that the whole thing has been misrepresented and that when people have the opportunity to examine their proposals they will welcome them.

Despite the allegations made against Haughey he does not appear to have been harmed by them. Geraldine Kennedy of the Progressive Democrats was very vocal early on and than went quiet. At least one Fine Gael politician said that he expected Labour T.D. Barry Desmond to either produce proof or withdraw his accusations. The press seems to accept that Haughey's motives were, as he said, a desire to cut through the red tape that has prevented such a development for years, despite what appears to be a common desire that some such development take place.

The change in heart did not prevent further angry exchanges in the Dail and two days later politicians were still at one and others throats over the matter.

In a radio programme, RTE's Sligo correspondent wondered how much attention would have been given to a similar controversy if it arose in Sligo. He did not need to answer the question.


The British Labour M.P. Chris Mullen, who wrote the book on the Birmingham Six case, claims to have evidence that the forensic scientist, Frank Skuse, made contact with another Crown witness on two occasions during the appeal. At the start of the appeal the trial judges had warned witnesses not to talk to each other. Mullen says that, during the appeal, Skuse was staying at a hotel with modern telephone equipment which recorded all numbers dialled. He now has a computer printout from the hotel showing that, on two occasions, late night calls were made to the senior police officer involved in the original case.

The police officer in question, Superintendent George Reade, was phoned by an Irish Times reporter using the number from the telephone listing (he is ex-directory). He admitted to receiving the calls and said "it will be a pleasure" to discuss the contents of them with the police.

A senior London police officer is now investigating the claims.


President Hillery is the first Irish Head of State to visit the People's Republic of China. Along with Mrs Hillery he arrived in Beijing last Sunday night. According to reports getting back here the Chinese seem to be taking the visit seriously despite the fact that the population of Shanghai alone is about four times that of Ireland. Shanghai is where the last two days of the visit were spent and this morning Mr and Mrs Hillery left for Hong Kong.


Dessie O'Hare's wife, Claire, was in court this week on charges of kidnapping. Under cross-examination she claimed that O'Hare wanted her to go to Australia with him and that he announced to her that he was going to become a millionaire. She said that the reason he fired shots at her was because he found out about a relationship which she had with another man.

On the third day of the trial she was acquitted. The Judges agreed with her counsel that the state had failed to prove "she was willing and participating" in the crime.

> > > > > > > > B I T S A N D P I E C E S < < < < < < < <

- Gibraltar's Attorney General said during the week that he is prepared to charge members of the SAS with murder if further evidence becomes available that the three IRA members killed by them were shot without warning. The London newspaper, the Independent, claims to have found six witnesses who heard a man shout "police, stop" before shooting the fleeing Sean Savage in the back.

- Although we were told last week that the prison officers' strike had ended, talks went on until Wednesday before it was announced that staff would go back to work on Saturday. Even at that, talks were still required for the rest of the week to iron out some outstanding issues.

- Michael Mills, the country's ombudsman, was complaining bitterly about the way his office has been treated by politicians. Half his staff of investigators have been transferred to other state departments and he has lost 250,000 in funding over the last two years.

- A 24-year-old man won 366,444 on the new national lottery, Lotto. As no one had selected the six correct numbers in the previous two weeks this was three weeks of accumulated prize money. The new lottery is running side-by-side with the lottery which started last year.

- The Dutch police have offered a reward of over 25,000 for information leading to the arrest of the IRA member(s) responsible for killing the three British servicemen who were shot two weeks ago.

- There is a proposal to put an underground shopping mall under Dublin's O'Connell Street. There is doubt that it will come to anything because of the disruption it would cause to Dublin traffic during the construction.

- A 21-year-old Cappoquin man was released from prison on Tenerife after being held for four months. He was arrested after a pub fight but was never charged with any offence.

- Thursday's headlines had the Central Bank warning of more cuts in public spending in the next few years.

- Russia's first duty free shop was opened by the Minister for Communications, John Wilson, and the Soviet Minister for Civil Aviation. The shop is at Moscow airport and is being managed by Aer Rianta.

- The two Irish nurses who were kidnapped in Ethiopia were released unharmed.

- The QEII called at Cobh on Thursday to commemorate the first steamship crossing of the Atlantic 150 years ago. Three hundred passengers from various parts of the country boarded for New York. Because of the interest shown by Irish travellers the ship is going to call again in August. Depending on the response, Cobh may become a regular port of call.

- The Supreme Court has set a standard for much longer sentences in rape cases. It was dealing with an appeal against the length of sentence from a man who was given 21 years. He had his sentence reduced to 17 years on the grounds that he admitted the offence and did not put his victim through the ordeal of appearing in court. The judges reaffirmed the seriousness of the crime and the appropriateness of long sentences.

- 30,000 tickets are for sale for a Bruce Springsteen concert on July 7 at the RDS.

- The Revenue Commissioners published a list of 175 tax offenders on Friday. Against each was the amount recovered by way of tax, penalties and interest. A Dr. O'Byrne of Taylor's Hill, Galway had to cough up 88,000.

> > > > > > > > N O R T H E R N N E W S < < < < < < < < <

- A 29-year-old Catholic man was shot dead in his home in Newington Street, north Belfast, on Tuesday night. In what is presumed to be a sectarian attack, gunmen broke open the front door and shot Terry McDaid in front of his family. His mother, who was visiting him at the time, was shot in the leg as she tried to protect him.

- On Wednesday, Unionist leaders Ian Paisley and James Molyneux had talks with the Northern Secretary Tom King. The meeting lasted two and a half hours

- A 19-year-old Belfast youth, from the Falls area, was beaten to death in what the RUC described as "a brutal and inhuman attack". The youth was with two friends waiting for a taxi when a gang of eight other youths attacked them with hurleys, baseball bats and a crowbar. There does not appear to be any suggestion that this was a sectarian attack.

- It was announced on Saturday that for the first time the Royal Irish Rangers regiment will be sent to the North. The policy to date has been that regiments composed of Irishmen were not used in the troubles. John Hume has come out strongly against this policy change, claiming the regiment could not act impartially.

- The head of the security forces in the North was given a fair bit of press coverage when he spoke at a "passing out" parade of new recruits to the UDR. He claimed that "terrorists will never defeat the combined forces of the Army and the RUC". He also warned the new recruits that they must always act within the law.

- A French court refused to extradite one of the Maze escapers of 1983. The INLA member is currently serving a jail sentence in France for the possession of firearms.

- Belfast entered the 21st century during the week with the installation of two high-tech loos. We were not shown any pictures but I gather they are the type seen around Paris and other parts of Europe where a door slides open on the insertion of the appropriate coin. Music is played during its occupation and it washes itself at the end of each period of usage. The deputy Lord Mayor of Belfast was left to perform the official opening as Tom King and the City's Lord Mayor claimed to have other duties and did not want to be in-convenienced.

> > > > > > > > > G A L W A Y N E W S < < < < < < < < <

- The Sentinel had a photograph of Joe Snype of Digital being presented with his cheque for 32,500 which he won on the National Lottery. The accompanying story tells how Joe's girl friend bought the ticket and put his name on it. They have agreed to split the prize. I am sure they could have come to a better arrangement than that!

- How could I have missed it? There on the back page of last week's Tribune was a photograph of Mike Hughes. He was pictured with his colleagues on the committee of the Galway Rowing club at the announcement of this year's regatta.

- Not to be outdone I managed to get my photograph in this week's Sentinel. I was with a group of my neighbours in Menlo welcoming a former mayor of Menlo Park, California. Councilman (I am sure she said that was her title) Peg Gunn and her husband Jack, both of whom have very strong Irish connections, are interested in establishing a relationship between Menlo Park and the village after which it was named.

- Killimor in East Galway was jumping when I left it tonight at 10:20pm. The County Fleadh had just finished and there was music everywhere. The pubs were thronged and the musicians who could not get in just got down to business out on the street. Traffic had great difficulty getting through the town but drivers just wound down their windows and enjoyed the music. Menlo musicians had their share of success taking first place in the Grupa Ceoil competitions for both under fifteen and under eighteen age groups. A combination of both groups then took second place in the under eighteen Ceili Band category. Menlo resident, Martina Lawless, won the under-fifteen button accordion category. This is probably the toughest section in the entire competition. (Hudson papers please copy!)

- Ross House, an office block near the tourist office, has changed owners for a sum reputed to be in excess of 1m.

- "SALTHILL'S SHAME" is this week's banner headline in the Tribune. Local T.D., Bobby Molloy, has been criticising the state of the area around Salthill beach. He refers to broken benches, run-down public toilets and vandalised shelters among other things.

- Another local T.D., Michael D. Higgins, also made the front page by criticising the gaudy facade of the new McDonalds on Shop Street. He includes Corporation planning officials in his complaint, for allowing the restaurant to be built in a manner which does not blend with the existing character of the area.

- A group of unemployed people have taken over Clog's pub in Lower Dominick Street.

- Rock group, Status Quo appeared at Leisureland on Saturday night.

> > > > > > > P O L I T I C A L N E W S < < < < < < <

- The Government is to introduce legislation to prevent property developers claiming large sum from local councils when planning applications are refused.

> > > > > > > > D E A T H < < < < < < < <

- Ciaran Bourke, for many years a member of the Dubliners, died in hospital on Tuesday. He collapsed while attending the Spring Show at the RDS last Saturday. When his former colleagues heard of his illness they cut short a U.K. tour to be with him. Ciaran Bourke was very highly regarded in traditional music circles. He suffered a brain haemorrhage in 1974 which left him partially paralysed and cut short his musical career. He was forty-seven.

> > > > > > > > B U S I N E S S N E W S < < < < < < < <


IRISH POUND May 13 May 6

Sterling 0.8400 0.8518

US Dollar 1.5888 1.5865

Deutschmark 2.6711 2.0675

French franc 9.0577 9.0700

Dutch guilder 2.9952 2.9920

Belgian franc 55.8500 55.8200

Spanish peseta 177.3100 176.7400

Swiss franc 2.2219 2.2251

Canadian dollar 1.9588 1.9612

Australian dollar 2.0527 2.0604

- There are indications that the slump in the building industry has been reversed. A spokesman for the Construction Industry Federation said that Government policy seems to be working. In particular the urban renewal programme is being taken up with vigour. He also cited the financial services centre at Dublin Docks as being significant.

- Larry Goodman is consolidating his non-beef food interests into an 88m turnover business under the umbrella of his Merchants Warehousing company which will become known as Food Industries plc.

- There was an article in Tuesday's Times about the improvement in business within Thermo-King in Galway, since they introduced "Just in Time" concepts.

- For the twenty-third month in succession the country has produced a trade surplus. In March the exports exceeded imports by 95.7m. This was substantially less than the February surplus and the change reflects an increase in imports.

- Increased imports reminds me that I read something about the first real increase, for a number of years, in the number of new cars being sold. I do not have any of the actual details.

- The National Software Centre, an IDA subsidiary, has been closed after four years. Thirty people have lost their jobs. The NSC was set up to foster an indigenous software industry. It has now been closed because the IDA no longer has sufficient funds to meet its costs.

- U.K. software house, the Hoskyns group, has bought a second Irish software company. They paid 10.9m for the Insight Group. Last December they purchased another Dublin company, CBT Systems, for $5.7m.

> > > > > > > > > > > > S P O R T < < < < < < < < < < < <

> > > > > > > > CYCLING < < < < < < < <

- Sean Kelly won the Tour of Spain. Kelly was 21 seconds behind the leader going into Saturday's time trial. He was expected to do well in that but nobody realised quite how well. He finished 1 minute and 7 seconds ahead of the person in second place and almost two minutes ahead of the overnight leader. He completed the time trial in a little over forty-two minutes so his winning margin was quite remarkable. He had no difficulty in maintaining his lead in today's final stage.

- Stephen Roche is still out injured and says that he will wait for a week before deciding if he should ride in the Tour of


> > > > > > > > > > GAA < < < < < < < < < <

Ulster Championship (Football):

Armagh 2-12 Fermanagh 1-13

> > > > > > > > > > RUGBY < < < < < < < < < <

- An Irish Rugby team is presently touring France minus some of the regular team who are unavailable. They lost the first game against a French XV by a substantial margin but I cannot recall the score. They won the second match by 19 points to 18 in

what has been described as a very encouraging performance.

> > > > > > > > > > SOCCER < < < < < < < < < <

- Four Irishmen won Scottish Cup medals in Glasgow when Celtic defeated Dundee United 2-1 with a last minute goal from Frank McAvennie. Donegal man, Packy Bonnar, failed a late fitness test and was replaced by Belfast's Alan McKnight. British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, decided to attend the game as she was in Scotland. It is not known what her reaction was to the sea of Irish flags that greeted her from the 73,000 crowd.

- In England, another Irishman, John Aldridge failed to score from the penalty spot and saw Liverpool lose the English Cup Final 1-0 to Wimbledon.

> > > > > > > > GOLF < < < < < < < <

- Christy O'Connor Jnr was joint fourth and Eamonn Darcy joint sixth in the Spanish Open.

> > > > > > > > TENNIS < < < < < < < <

- Ireland beat Cyprus 5-0 in the Davis Cup last weekend. For the purpose of doing so they found a new Irishman called Peter Wright. He was born in California of parents who were born and reared in the North. His presence in the Irish team caused a little discontent among indigenous players who felt that the

policy of bringing in Irish Americans was reducing their

chances of representing their country.

> > > > > > > > > > > W E A T H E R < < < < < < < < < < <

Every day produced some very good weather but we did have a few heavy showers for a brief period on Monday evening and for most of Wednesday afternoon and evening. While we were nearly washed away on Wednesday there was no rain at all in Claregalway, about eight miles away. Saturday was a glorious day and today even


Latest Temperatures:

Night 8C Day 22C

> > > > > > > > > CONCERT DATES < < < < < < < < <

- There is an Irish Arts Festival currently running in Hammersmith, London (Riverside Studios). Among those performing are the Druid Theatre Company, Van Morrison and the Chieftains. This festival actually commenced on May 1 and runs unti May 21.

- Here is a list of Robbie O'Connell's dates for the next few months:

Sat May 21 Folkway, Peterborough, NH

Sun May 29 Chicago Irish Festival w/Moloney & Keane

Sat June 11 The Peacock Coffeehouse, Jamaica Plain, MA

Sat June 18 Jacob's Pillow, Beckett, MA

Fri June 24 Old Vienna Kaffeehaus, Westboro, MA

Sat June 25 Snug Harbor Irish Festival, Staten Is., NY


And some other forthcoming events:

Christy Moore

June 9 7:30 PM Berklee Performance Center $16.50


June 14 7:30 PM Berklee Performance Center $16.50

The Pogues

June 22 7:30 PM Orpheum Theater $16.50, $15.50

("+ .50 Restoration fee")

- Tickets are now on sale at the respective box offices and all the usual major ticket services (who of course charge their own fee on top of the ticket price).

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