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Self-Destruction: Mustafa Al Akkad killed by Al Qaida  
11 november,2005


For people who don’t know who Al Akkad is, they just have to think about the movies Al Rissala (the message) where he portrayed the life of the Prophet Mohamed in a world production, and the Desert Lion Omar Al Mokhtar, a movie on the life of Libyan freedom Fighter Omar al Mokhtar. The western viewer will know Al Akkad from the horror movie series “Halloween”. What we also know about the man is that his Life dream was to produce and direct a movie on the Life of president Nasser and that this was supposed to be his final masterpiece.However, the hand of criminals and extremists decided otherwise.

What kind of logic justifies killing your own people and blasting their hopes into pieces of burned flesh? What cause can justify blowing a marriage party with everybody in it , men , women and children? Is this the deed of freedom fighters? Of resistance? How can freedom be achieved by killing the people you have to free? How can resistance succeed when it murders its people?

The Al Qaida gangs have reached now another level with their blind violence, they are more estranged from society, from reality, from themselves and their humanity. They are lost in a senseless vision of the world and human life, reducing the right to life to a right only for those who follow a strict ritual line. Of course they have the right together with all the Arabs to fight against occupation, to blow American Jeeps and Tanks, and even to hit inside the US for that matter within the context of reciprocity in war, and moral rules of engagements. But when they turn against their own people out of a sick ideological judgment they will be exterminated and their days will be numbered. No resistance ever succeeded without the support of the population, and no resistance will ever succeed without that support. Luckily most resistance factions in Iraq and in the broad Arab Nation are of rational nature and are loyal to their people and will never go into these kinds of criminal self-destructive acts.That resistance we do support and we will always support.
But the sick blood hounds who committed the atrocity in Amman will only be remembered in the black books of history together with Murderers like Pol Pot, Hitler, Sharon and Bush.

Today only the enemies of our Nation are celebrating, we are killing each other, and we lost the only Arab Hollywood producer and director that was committed to the causes of his People.